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Ayn's Newsletter - An Attitude of Gratitude

Dear --

As the Thanksgiving weekend draws to a close I take a moment to ponder what I am grateful for. We had seventeen family members come to stay with us for several days and twenty-four people for Thanksgiving dinner. I am grateful for the love we shared with one another, the stories and the laughter. I love watching my children and my five nieces and nephews becoming confident individuals who will head out into the world and make their own contributions.

One young nephew who is eight years old asked me to give him a color reading, which I do with my Awareness Essences. He took his time selecting his bottles, really examining his colors in the light and feeling each one. He took it very seriously and told me that he really liked the ones with sparkles with most.

Each color tells a story about some aspect or quality of our soul that is working with us. He nodded during the reading, agreeing with the words he heard. Finally he asked why he liked the color black. I took his hand and led him out to look at the stars in the open expanse of sky. In Upper Ojai you can see planets, constellations and moving satellites. I told him that the luminous black helps us remember that we are each an infinite and important aspect of this world like the stars we see pulsing in the sky. It is the black that holds us as we enter the dreamtime, relax and sleep. When I went to check on him later he was in bed asleep with the bottle beside him on his pillow.

I am grateful that I found family, friends and teachers who helped me understand that I can trust the basic goodness of life. I am also thankful that I can pass that wisdom along to others. The key is remaining open and curious, for then no matter how great the challenge, the guidance we need is always with us.

I will be reading from Sparkle & The Light this month

and Belle duCray will be presenting her illustrations:

*Tuesday, Dec 3rd at Bridges Charter School, Thousand Oaks, at 4:30pm.

*Sunday, Dec 8th at the new Granada Bookstore, 1225 State Street in Santa Barbara at 2pm.

The books make wonderful holiday presents for children of all ages. They can be purchased through me directly, off Amazon or locally at Granada Books, Chaucer's, Paradise Found, Alchemy Arts and Made in Ojai.

Here is our latest review, which appears in the Ojai Bubble:

Many blessings,


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