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Ayn's Newsletter - Three Days In The Light

Hi ,

      When we lived in more mystical times, humankind knew to honor the feminine principle by honoring the earth and water. We went into nature and communed with wells, springs and rivers. Women knew that unless they communed with wells that the world would become a spiritual wasteland.       I have been consumed by three books that are birthing themselves through me like triplets, or perhaps the triple goddess. Many of my friends have heard about my three day experience with the divine light. I have been touched by the response. My first attempt to write about it was a book called Unquenchable Spiritual Fire, which has now sold out. The next edition of the book is in the printing process. The new title is Three Days In The Light and I go into much more detail about merging with the light. Here is an excerpt:        "I felt the limitations of my personality self begin to melt. For a moment I feared what might happen if there was no identity, but as I expanded outwards, the ego identity became an object to be discarded like a ripe cornhusk that was gently shucked away by a great intelligence. I was aware of my judgments, conflicts, and misdeeds as they played in little whirlpools like videos all around and within me. Although I felt some regret, the overriding feeling was love, compassion, and acceptance for all that had taken place in my life."        We are experiencing a new renaissance of light on earth. During my time in the light I understood that we could choose to work with life. Instead of polluting and destroying the planet, we have the choice of honoring our waters, our soil and air. This is a home we share. We have entered the Aquarian Age and so it is time to work together collectively and to use our clean technologies for the greater good of all. There is no need for anyone to starve or go hungry. We are all beautiful seeds wishing to fulfill our pattered blueprints.        I invite you today to journal about the images of God you were shown as a child. What spiritual stories of women were you given? Were you taught how to make an altar or how to pray to shield yourself from the harshness of the world? If you read the stories of King Arthur and the holy Grail you might know that three knights achieved it but what is the name of the woman who achieved the Chalice? I'll send a free poetry book to the first person who selects the correct answer. Email your answers to:       Here is a prayer to use daily to help yourself, all sentient beings and the earth:

MYSELF IN YOU Please Allow Me To See Myself In You That I May Remember We Are One Please May I Love All People And May All Of Creation Love Me So That Grace Fills My Days May Our Prayers Of Wholeness And Restoration Be Answered Thank You     May we all remember to whisper words of encouragement to the wells and springs, and also listen to the messages of life so that we may learn to become good stewards that the land might flourish once again. Blessings, Ayn

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