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Ayn’s Newsletter - Blessing the Earth

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Blessing the Earth Ayn’s Summer Newsletter 2018 by AynCates on August 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

August 1st is Lughnasadh Lughnasadh is a day to celebrate the abundance that the Earth provides for us. Today many people in the Celtic world make a meal to celebrate the harvest and the life giving feminine energy that sustains us. With the changes that are taking place now on the Earth, it is wise to thank Her – to thank Taillte – for the abundance she provides for us. In Irish myth and legend, it is said that the Goddess Taillte once resided on the magical Temair (Hill of Tara). In ancient Ireland, she was known as the foster-mother of the Light, who took the embodied form as the Sun God, Lugh. He appears in Welsh mythology as Lleu, the husband of Blodeuwedd, a woman who was magically created out of flowers. Together they learn about the challenges of love and relating in the human world. Take time today to make a meal to share with family and friends and remember to set a little food outside for the devas, elementals and faeryfolk. They are also impacted by the changes taking place and appreciate it when we remember them. *Contemplate the way in which the Earth provides for us. *Send a blessing to the Air that we breathe. *Send a blessing to the Water that we drink. *Send a blessing to the Fire that brings us warmth and life. *Ask that humanity remembers to walk in balance with all of the elements, and learns to live in harmony with all sentient beings. *Send gratitude to the living, breathing Earth. The illustration of the 8-Wheel Calendar is by the talented Belle Crow duCray. This is a little taste from Heroines of Avalon & Other Tales, launching on Samhain (November 1).

’S MISSING STORY Love in the Meadow When the rains came in the springtime, and the sun warmed the oak forest, a deva of the meadow called Blu felt the desire to help the yellow broom and primrose flowers blossom. She raised herself up during the twilight hours, when the starlight sings and the roots of the plants touch like lovers. All the nature spirits knew each other well in the woods, and made space for one another. Many had a particular season they loved best. The oaks communicated with the nature spirits in those days. They all enjoyed the open field in early summer, when the meadowsweet bloomed and the deer came to rest at night. The nature spirits knew about hunters and how the animals hid from them. The spirits also feared the hunters, and they pulled the life force from flowers before the tender petals were bruised by boots of men or the hooves of horses. Still, they were curious about the human world. Men brought chaos and laughter into an otherwise peaceful existence….

Winner of 6 Literary Awards! Infinite Light Publishing is thrilled to report that Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses has won 6 Literary Awards. I was told that there was not a market for stories about Goddesses, but the book has sold out of print 3 times! Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses is now widely distributed and can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, New Leaf Fulfillment and most bookstores.

Writer’s Challenge Go outside today and walk until you feel resonance with a special tree. Open your heart and ask permission to sit beside the tree. If you feel that the tree welcomes you (most do) then sit beside it and communicate with it. Trees understand the land they grow in and upon. One exercise is journaling. Ask the tree what it understands about the environment and also request permission to take notes. Expect to be surprised! The tree, or the devas that tend the tree, may come to you. Clear your mind and become receptive. Trees often offer us hope, for they have an understanding about the natural harmony and balance of life. They understand relationships and how we depend upon one another. Be humble, and see if a poem or story flows through you onto the page. Always offer gratitude for what you receive. Happy Lughnasadh! Ayn

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