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  • Ayn Cates Sullivan

My Spiritual Journey

Spiritual intuitive sessions since 1991. The way I work with people has evolved over the past few decades. I realized that our bodies are very wise and understand the process of spiritual awakening. All we really need to do is dissolve what keeps us from living in a continual state of Self-Realization. And that takes some practice.

I will offer a glimpse of my spiritual journey.

SONGS OF THE UNIVERSE: I began by giving Aura-Soma Colour Therapeutic Readings, followed by Mythic Astrological Readings, and the creation of personalized Flower Essences and Entheos Color Essences. Working with vibrational remedies and the songs of stars was my humble beginning.

MINISTERY: I became a minister in the church of the Holy Beloved in 1993. My ministry has blossomed through many traditions since that time. I do practice holistic ministry and perform both weddings and funerals. It is clear to me that our soul never dies.

SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY: Feeling I needed to be able to work with psychological material as well as spiritual, I then attended Pacific Graduate Institute and after a period of study in Depth Psychology shifted to Spiritual Psychology, graduating from the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology’s Maters program in 2006.

TORAH & THE TREE OF LIFE: Feeling like I wanted to take my spiritual training further, I studied the Torah and Essene Mysticism with Rabbi Gabriel Cousens.

CELTIC SHAMANISM: I have also spent several decades involved in many Celtic Shamanism groups, most recently Caitlin Matthews programs in Britain. Soul retrieval, mediumship, oracular vision, channeling, and working with the Celtic Wheel of Life is part of the work I am sometimes called to do.

Dr Sullivan realized that she actually resonated strongly with three traditions (Judeo-Christian, Advaita Vedanta and Celtic Shamanism), and that it was completely correct and quite holistic to operate off all three simultaneously because eventually the core of each path combines into simply “Wisdom".  Over the past few decades, Ayn Cates Sullivan has enjoyed a Round Table of spiritual traditions. Now she wants to share three decades of spiritual discovery with you !

I was raised in a very open-minded Unitarian Christian tradition, then in my twenties I became fascinated with Kaballah and spent many years studying with conscious Rabbis. This was very useful because after reading the Torah and writing 250 pages of commentary, I found my Jewish roots and understood more about my place in the world. I have a deep love of the Essenes and the pure life. It was an alchemical understanding of color that opened my first spiritual door.

I also have a deep love of Mother India, practice yoga, and have been a long term devotee of Ammachi. My husband's root guru is Ramana Maharishi, and I have also been picked up in his wisdom field. After John Patrick and I married in 2006, we began a daily inquiry practice which has nurtured our relationship and has truly helped up both thrive. We are both involved in The Ridhwan School, a modern path to personal awakening, which also involves inquiry as a path to awakening. What I love about the Advaita Vedanta path of inquiry is that there is no judgment, there are no rules to remember, no dogma, only the recognition of our own True Nature. I will share much more about this on the Wisdom of the Ages podcast.

After spending many years involved in transcendent spiritual practices, I began to feel disconnected from the world around me. Seven years ago I returned to my Celtic roots, and realized the importance of spending time in nature and reconnecting with the multidimensional reality of myth and faery. I was called back into the work of Celtic Shamanism, and truly honor the indigenous cultures of Europe, as well as many indigenous traditions around the world. I have been luckily to meet Mayan priests, Native American wisdom keepers, leaders of the Tibetan Bon tradition, and well as the Bards, Ovates and Druids of the British Isles. I have written a number of books on the subject called the Legends of the Grail series.

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