Infinite Light Publishing & Media is an independent book publishers based in Virginia. We publish books for all ages, focusing on spiritual books that uplift, inspire and promote a positive shift for an Awakening Generation.


Our mission at Infinite Light Publishing & Media is to create books that support the new paradigm of spiritual awakening. Our books are for all ages, offering inquiries and teachings from many different traditions designed to bring awareness and wisdom into our personal journeys. We Promote & Publish new Authors of non-fiction, to fiction and children’s books.

Check out our regular Podcasts with special guests, or search our book store to buy kids Books. Join us for an uplifting journey!​

Here at Infinite Light Publishing & Media, We started by creating the Sparkle collection of children’s stories. Since then have grown to publish many award-winning books including the Legends of the Grail series, empowering stories for adults, and now offer many types of books that support the evolution of consciousness and the current shift known by some as the Great Awakening. Many of these books are featured on the SuperPowerUp network. Ayn Cates Sullivan’s podcast Wisdom of the Ages

We ALSO strive to be a cutting edge sustainable publishing company using green printing techniques whenever possible.

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JOIN US FOR OUR REGULAR PODCAST INTERVIEWS. Wisdom of the Ages is a show that taps into the many expressions of universal, ancestral and personal wisdom to ignite evolutionary consciousness. If you are interested in being interviewed on a show, please write to us with your proposal


WE HAVE NEW BOOKS ARRIVING. Each year we successfully promote and publish new authors. *This is by recommendation only. We list these new Adult and Children's books below in the New Arrivals section. Also you are welcome to check out our store, here you can buy spiritual books for all ages.


OFFERING SPECIAL WORKSHOPS to uplift the soul and help with personal development. We've created some wonderful workshops that you may like to consider attending. Click here to view the workshops on offer.


Thank you for taking an interest, Blessings & Enjoy

New Arrivals:

Nimue Freeing Merlin Ayn Cates Sullivan
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