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Meet The Team


Ayn Cates Sullivan
Company Director ~ Author

Ayn Cates Sullivan 1.jpg

John Patrick Sullivan
Husband & Yoga Teacher


Belle Crow duCray
~ Illustrator


Paige Ozma Ashmore
~ Illustrator


"Infinite Light Publishing" was originally created in 2012 to produce the Sparkle fairy tales. Since then, we have grown to publish many award-winning books, including the literary classic, A Story of Becoming, and the Legends of the Grail series for adults. Our books have won dozens of literary awards and we regularly produce best-sellers.


In 2019, we moved to Virginia and expanded to include new authors and also into other areas of media outreach. "Infinite Light Publishing & Media" offers a variety of books. We are a boutique publishing house and produce a few titles each year. Our selection process is rigorous. We are known for the quality of our messages as well as the excellence of our designs. We love to publish and promote messages for an evolving humanity. 


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We offer books that support the hero or heroine’s journey and our collective unfolding at this time of our Great Awakening. Our books are carefully selected to inspire those who are ready to make the shift from linear thinking to multi-dimensional reality, personal sovereignty and freedom. We all have the potential to become Avatars.


Ayn Cates Sullivan is the founder and president of "Infinite Light Publishing & Media". Many of her award-winning and best selling books are featured here.


You can listen to her monologues and interviews on her podcast Wisdom of the Ages and Messages of Infinite Light on the SuperPowerNetwork

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