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John Patrick Sullivan

John Patrick Sullivan ~ Husband & Yoga Teacher


John Patrick Sullivan is a former NFL line-backer who attended University of Illinois. Recruited by alumnus Dick Butkus, John broke all of his tackling records. John is still the all-time leading season tackler at the university.

He was voted by fans as the all-time best Middle Line-backer into the Hall of Fame at the University of Illinois. Drafted by the Chicago Bears, he then played for the Jets for two seasons. Injured in a 1979 Jets-Bears preseason game, his life suddenly changed.


For more about John Sullivan’s football career read his Infinite Jets Blog Post


Raised in an Irish Catholic household, John Patrick always felt a strong connection to the sacred, especially to Mother Mary. Through a miraculous series of events, John Patrick Sullivan found himself in India at the ashram of Ramana Maharishi. It was the last place he could have imagined himself to be, however, in this time of total transformation, the path of self-inquiry proved life changing.


He describes feeling the grace of the guru and being picked up by Ramana’s lineage. After teaching Hatha Yoga for twenty-years, he became part of the Ridhwan School, where he began to practice the Diamond Approach to inquiry. He teaches yoga, meditation and inquiry as a path to freedom.

John Patrick Sullivan divides his time between California and Virginia, where he continues to live the life of a contemplative householder with his wife, author Ayn Cates Sullivan. Inquiry is their daily practice. He is the Vice-President of Infinite Light Publishing.


John Patrick Sullivan offers personal inquiry sessions in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta to people who are in the process of spiritual awakening. Contact:


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