• Personal 1 & 1 sessions with Ayn Cates Sulivan

  • Intuitive Readings

  • Weddings/Handfastings

  • Walking Between Worlds/ Funerals

  • Working with the Ancestors

  • Personal Quests for Spiritual Awakening

  • Rituals to Heal the Earth

# Please contact me with you're request

Price: By Arrangement



  • Many people now wish to become liberated with a partner and to raise awakened children. This is a voyage of self-inquiry for couples.

  • John Patrick Sullivan encourages his students to use inquiry to investigate their own true nature.

  • We begin to understand that we are not our stories of pain and suffering. Instead there is an increased excitement about discovering the depths of ourselves and each other.

  • As we come to know our true Self, we are able to realize that we are more than just our persona and gain access to unified awareness.

# Private Sessions available

Price: By Arrangement


  • Downloadable Online Course hosted by Ayn Cates Sullivain.

  • x8 parts with 1hr sessions each.

  • An exploration into colour and what it may mean for us

  • Release old patterns, start good habits

  • Transform relationship issues

  • Explore the emptiness within ourselves so that we can be fully loved and free


Price: Soon



  • Learn the mystical arts of Druidary, and become a Druid.
  • How to conduct ceremony and rituals
  • Study the wheel of the year, uncover your connection with life and natures cycles
  • Explore themes that develop your personality, learn about yourself and others
  • Transform, Heal and Empower
  • Learn about the Ogham runes, and the hidden meanings of the tree wisdom
  • Journey to gain the sacred hallows
  • Work with spirit guides and spirit realms
  • x8 part 2hr sessions. Druid  training over a yearly cycle, culminating in self initiation as a "Druid"
  • Open to Men & Woman ages 18 above

Price: Soon



Invitation "GRAIL QUEST" to the UK

  • This is an opportunity for those of you who have read the Grail Series.

  • We are offering sacred tours to the UK to explore the places mentioned in the books.

  • Here we will conduct ceremonies and tune in with the land. In the evening we can have fun with a dance and drumming around open fire.

  • This is an opportunity to learn about Druidary, and be in touch with the sacred landscape of Avalon.

  • Our tour centers around the theme “Awakening Merlin and Nimue”.

  • We will also work with "The lady of the lake", Sword of Truth and the Grail

  • Please contact us for details. Once a minimum 20 people have been booked, we will organise a date that is good for everyone. Max is 45.

Price: Soon



  • This is a Downloadable Online Course linked to the book "Nimue - Freeing Merlin"
  • This is an opportunity to Discover your freedom and work with inner alchemy
  • In the course we follow Nimue and awaken to your own inner magic, as we take the journey with her.

  • With these videos, you'll be able to see these beautiful landscapes and experience sacred places.

  • Join us in ceremony and visualizations in 7 magical spaces.

Price: Soon

Gift Items:


Ogham Tree Wisdom Necklaces & Wands

  • Each necklace or wand carries with it the energy and blessings of the trees

  • There are 20 tree types to choose from, with different qualities

  • These oghams necklaces are individually hand carved and made with love in a sacred manner

Price: Soon