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Legends of the Grail is a collection of ancient Irish myths, and the missing or untold stories of Goddesses told in first person. I begin the book by thanking my husband John Patrick Sullivan, who not only encouraged me to find my inner Goddess, but who found and integrated his own divine feminine. So this is not just a book for women, but also a book for all people seeking love and wholeness.

When a woman discovers the Goddess within her own nature, she becomes whole. She becomes an embodiment of the Grail, the vessel in which the divine light can dwell. This is also true for men. They also become much more attractive to women. If you listen carefully with the ears of your heart, the Earth speaks to us. Myths and legends are etched into the landscape.

A few years ago, dreams visited me in which Celtic mythological figures came to me and spoke. They were insistent that we remember the true essence of the feminine, for in doing so we heal and the Earth thrives. I recorded the stories they shared in dreams, meditations and deep contemplation. One of the stories is eight thousand years old, yet each Goddess in the book was demonized in some way.


When each Goddess re-tells her story, she frees herself of centuries of misunderstanding.

In the book I also offer practices that can allow us to untangle and free ourselves of stories that no longer serve us. We have the opportunity to align with the Grail, a symbol of our wholeness, our personal essence. The Goddesses remind us that we each have an unquenchable fire inside.

Winner of x10 Awards


Lauren Tannenbaum

An incredibly beautiful book that is empowering from the first line. A wonderful companion to those on a journey towards deeper understanding of their relationship to the ancients.


John Flanagan

Great read, Love the way Ayn writes. Having grown up in Ireland it re-kindles the many stories and legends of this mystical land.


Ramiro Mendes

Beautifully written book bringing to life a vast collection of Irish myths and legends. This is a great contribution on the author's part to keep these ancient myths and legends alive so they may live again


Amazon Customer

This is a unique book that is not only beautifully written but transforms you into a magical world. Ayn Cates Sullivan has wrapped you in a fluffy blanket and handed you our favourite cup of tea before taking you on a journey of discovery.

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Heroines of Avalon - Legends of the Grail Series. Any nation or tribe that remembers and re-tells the stories of their people carry a torch of light and insight that continues to pass hope from one generation to the next. Heroines of Avalon includes a round table of inspiring women, including well-known Welsh deities and almost forgotten Arthurian female Grail Knights and landscape Goddesses. In this collection of British myths and legends, each heroine re-tells her story, often freeing herself from centuries of misunderstanding. These feisty women are inspiring role models.


The book also includes practices that can help the reader journey to the deity and integrate the heroine’s life affirming qualities. This is the second volume in the “Legends of the Grail” series, which focuses on the Grail as Goddess. The series is designed to help us restore and embrace the qualities of the feminine that have been lost in most cultures and religions.  As the age of violence and domination ends, we look to the feminine archetypes to heal us both individually and collectively, so the planet can be restored. It is a book that invites wholeness and peace.

The purpose of the book (and the entire Legends of the Grail series) is to help women and men remember their wholeness.


We are at critical turning point in our planetary history. It is time we remembered to care for one another and this Earth. These are stories date back, in some cases, as far as 8,000 years, yet the wisdom is timeless. We need tales of light and hope so that our children have a future to live into!


WINNER of x6 Awards


If you’re interested in the goddesses of British and Welsh lore, you will absolutely love this book... this is the perfect mix of lore, honoring the goddesses, and their untold stories... Throughout all is the common thread that the Goddess lives within every woman, and without the divine feminine, the world cannot prosper. Not your typical reference book, more of a book to feed your soul.

Sarah Drew
"The Heroines of Avalon" are initiations and portals into remembrance of the Celtic mythic landscape and the Goddess revealed in her many forms. Within these pages are stories and activations of a mystic mythos long lost and finally re-membered, rewoven and activated, an elixir and medicine for our tumultuous times. Highly recommended.

I’m very impressed with the Heroines of Avalon. It’s the kind of book you feel like savouring... Reading the book feels like connecting with nature, its elements and immense creative power, and mainly the ancient goddesses and heroines whose presence can be felt throughout the read.

Ann O'Brien
I would not normally read Celtic mythology, but being a fan of Ayn Cates Sullivan’s poetry and children’s books, I picked up Heroines of Avalon. After reading just the first story, I felt the spiritual presence of the Celtic deities in the days to follow.


Audio Book Version

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Numue Freeing the Merlin

This is the Third book in the "The Legends of the Grail Series". It is filled with a wonderful collection of Celtic myths and legends told in the traditional way with a twist. Each heroine tells her story in her own way, freeing herself of centuries of misunderstanding. 


In this stand-alone novel, Nina realizes that she was the sorceress Nimue in a previous life and the one responsible for sealing Merlin in an enchanted Hawthorn tree. Only she can release him from his silvery prison — if she can find him!


Nina discovers more about her innate gifts and superpowers than she could have ever thought possible in this heroine’s quest.


Aideen Gleeson, Irish editor pre-release

"I loved your story. I was able to live inside the story and everything from the world around me faded away, a good sign of great sorry telling.”

Leslie Sloane - Creator of the Auracle Cards

A Most Wonderful Journey Into The World of Magick. The most beautiful stories are those which move and uplift the Soul, touching it so deeply and profoundly that one cannot help but feel changed inside. This is a true gift, and Ayn Cates Sullivan is a master at creating such stories. Nimue: Freeing Merlin, is a wonderful journey in which you will be drawn into the world of Creation, Magick, Enchantment, Wisdom, and above all, Love. You will be transported into ancient Celtic lands, hearing the whispers of those who were keepers of what was and still is, Sacred to humanity. And you will become witness to a Love story between Merlin and Nimue which is boundless and eternal. Your Heart will be ever transformed. Thank you Ayn for writing this beautiful story, reminding us all of the Love, Light, and Magick we hold inside…that anything is possible.

Joyce van der Lely - Host of the “All of You” virtual talk show and author of Mindset Monsters 

In her latest book Nimue: Freeing Merlin, Ayn Cates Sullivan takes us on a magical path to more of the Legends of the Grail.

Nimue connects magic, myth and musings with the here and now. Soul connections come to light and previously hidden powers are revealed. Through the descriptive use of her written words, Ayn makes nature come alive and it is as if we can smell the flowers and touch the trees.


An accomplished writer of beautiful stories that truly read like Fairy Tales, Ayn knows how to blend traditional myths and legends with empowering Heroine stories. Her Legends of the Grail series is becoming a real must- have for those that love Celtic tales of Goddesses and Heroines. There is knowledge and power in her writing. She pulls the wisdom through the ages and makes it accessible to all of us. As a proud owner of quite some of Ayn's books already, I am super excited about Nimue and highly recommend it.


Size: 9"X7" Portrait 


[ Hardcover - 978-1947925199 ]

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