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SIZE: 11"X8" Portrait  


[ Hardcover - 978-0988453722 ]


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A Story of Becoming. A young seed germinates in the forest before unfurling and finding her way through the rich dark soil of the earth. As she becomes a young seedling she stretches toward the sunlight, wondering what she will someday become. Nourished by the dewdrops, she grows in anticipation of the possibilities hidden within her. While still slight, some of her leaves and branches are eaten by animals. Despite the setback, she grows and matures until one day she discovers her purpose . . . she is an apple tree. She delights in being an apple tree; but over time she continues to encounter hardships, some of which are seemingly insurmountable.


A Story of Becoming is an enlightening tale of self-discovery and realization, brilliantly depicted through the life and lens of an apple seed as it journeys through the wondrous yet sometimes painful experience of existence. Coupled with soulful, hand drawn illustrations of great beauty and depth, it will captivate the heart and touch the soul of both children and adults alike.

It has been an Amazon Best Selling Book.

Winner of 18 Literary Awards including golds with Nautilus, Reader's Favorite, Literary Classics, Mom's Choice, Paris Book Festival and, London Book Festival.



Sara Niña

I appreciated the illustrations more than the reading… something you'd wish to read to children to inspire thoughts like 'beauty is not in appearance but in good actions'



Uplifting and inspiring. A beautiful book! Both the story and the artwork are lovely! The miraculous circle of life is presented both sensitively and authentically, warts and all, while cleverly demonstrating the interconnectedness of all forms of life.

Kara S

This book is pure nourishment for the soul and the eyes. The story about being who you are meant to be, despite hurts and pain, is beautifully told. The illustrations, exquisite. I spent ages just looking at them - pieces of art on each page. My 5 year old daughter also loves looking at the illustrations, stopping me on each page, as she finds another detail to admire. I have already recommended it to friends whom I know will enjoy its beauty and appreciate its message.


Amazon Customer

This is a beautiful book with a heart-warming short story of the growth and life of an apple tree with a hint of magic. I think it would make a perfect read-together book for a primary school aged child and an adult where they can explore various themes of change, learn more about the natural world and expand their vocabulary. Equally it is a lovely book for any adult wanting to embrace some positivity whilst enjoying the outstanding illustrations which adorn each and every page.


Eala The Mother Swan By Ayn Cates Sullivan


A young boy named Hugo goes in search of the Eala, the magical swan his grandmother has told him about. He finds her just as she is preparing to fly between the worlds. Circling back down, Hugo climbs on her back and she takes him between the crack of night and day so he can find the songs and colors of his heart and soul. 

Illustraited with colourful artwork from Paige Ozma Ashmore.

Reviews: Fresh off the press, will update with reviews

Size:  11"X8" Portrait


[ Hardcover - 978-1947925403]


The Fairy Tree By Hannah May Hocking

This is a story about "Daisy" who discovers a magical tree in her garden and the tale behind it. She learns that no matter how lost or in the dark you are, there will always be a ray of light to guide you home.


Hannah May Hocking was inspired to write and illustrate this book by a tree growing at the bottom of her garden. She had been so unwell, in and out of hospital, unable to leave the house so her garden became her sanctuary. One morning Hannah May Hocking noticed Daisy flowers had grown in the grass over night. The flowers had formed a path from the house to the tree at the bottom of the garden. The tree was unusual as it had grown with a hole right the way through it.

Hannah May Hocking imagined it to be gateway to another world. A world of fairies who wanted to help us. From that moment she named it the Fairy Tree and began to write the story in this book. She wanted people to know that even at the most scary and darkest times in ones life, if you take a breath and look around you, you will see there is always a tiny ray of light that will guide you to where you need to be.


Mrs S. Jeffs

A lovely book with a delightful tale.

Miss C. Bowdon BA (Hon) Lit

An enchanting and beautiful story.


Peter Garland

Beautiful story line and lovely images- all hand drawn. Brought as a gift for my daughter who is a Primary School Teacher.

Patricia Westworth

The fairy tree is a lovely story beautifully illustrated. It’s a simple tail of feeling lost and frightened and finding hope and security. It’s a story passed on through the generations and enjoying exploring the countryside. It’s a delightful little book easy for children to follow and enjoy. It’s great to read with them and inspired us to make our own fairy garden to sit and read stories in. The children look more closely at things around them now when we go for a walk looking at the flowers and trees.

Size:  11"X8" Portrait


[ Hardcover - 978-1947925090 ]

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