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About Us:

"Infinite Light Publishing" was originally created in 2012 to produce the Sparkle fairy tales. Since then, we have grown to publish many award-winning books, including the literary classic, A Story of Becoming, and the Legends of the Grail series for adults. Our books have won dozens of literary awards and we regularly produce best-sellers.


In 2019, we moved to Virginia and expanded to include new authors and also into other areas of media outreach. "Infinite Light Publishing & Media" offers a variety of books. We are a boutique publishing house and produce a few titles each year. Our selection process is rigorous. We are known for the quality of our messages as well as the excellence of our designs. We love to publish and promote messages for an evolving humanity. 


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We offer books that support the hero or heroine’s journey and our collective unfolding at this time of our Great Awakening. Our books are carefully selected to inspire those who are ready to make the shift from linear thinking to multi-dimensional reality, personal sovereignty and freedom. We all have the potential to become Avatars.


Ayn Cates Sullivan is the founder and president of "Infinite Light Publishing & Media". Many of her award-winning and best selling books are featured here. You can listen to her monologues and interviews on her podcast Wisdom of the Ages and Messages of Infinite Light on the SuperPowerNetwork


Ayn Cates Sullivan ~ Author

There are certain people who have an impulse to awaken out of the ordinary and mundane world. This does not happen to everyone however, some people have a near death experience, or lose a job, or have a kundalini activation, then suddenly they want to explore who they are and what life is really about. This is the beginning of the Quest for Wisdom.

After a series of powerful mystical activations that began over thirty years ago, Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D. began to seek out true Wisdom traditions. She was particularly interested in traditions that have been followed for thousands of years. Many people find they are drawn to a religious path or seek wisdom through a deep exploration of themselves through spiritual means.

As the world experiences ecological crisis, many people have realized that nature needs our attention and have turned their focus towards nature-based traditions, such as Neo-Paganism, Wicca, and Druidry, as well as indigenous Shamanic paths. All of these paths have wisdom and merit.


Dr Sullivan realized that she actually resonated strongly with three traditions (Judeo-Christian, Advaita Vedanta and Celtic Shamanism), and that it was completely correct and quite holistic to operate through all three simultaneously, as eventually the core of each path combines into simply “Wisdom".  Over the past few decades, Ayn Cates Sullivan has enjoyed a Round Table of spiritual traditions. Now she wants to share three decades of spiritual discovery with you!

Ayn Cates Sullivan on the Journey of Spiritual Awakening

I was raised in a very open-minded Unitarian Christian tradition, then in my twenties I became fascinated with Kaballah and spent many years studying with conscious Rabbis. This was very useful because after reading the Torah and writing 250 pages of commentary, I found my Jewish roots and understood more about my place in the world. I have a deep love of the Essenes and the pure life. It was an alchemical understanding of color that opened my first spiritual door.

I also have a deep love of Mother India, practice yoga, and have been a long term devotee of Ammachi. My husband's root guru is Ramana Maharishi, and I have also been picked up in his wisdom field. After John Patrick and I married in 2006, we began a daily inquiry practice which has nurtured our relationship and has truly helped us both thrive. We are both involved in The Ridhwan School, a modern path to personal awakening, which also involves inquiry as a path to awakening. What I love about the Advaita Vedanta path of inquiry is that there is no judgment, there are no rules to remember, no dogma, only the recognition of our own True Nature. I will share much more about this on the Wisdom of the Ages Podcast.


After spending many years involved in transcendent spiritual practices, I began to feel disconnected from the world around me. Seven years ago I returned to my Celtic roots, and realized the importance of spending time in nature and reconnecting with the multidimensional reality of myth and faery. I was called back into the work of Celtic Shamanism, and truly honor the indigenous cultures of Europe, as well as many indigenous traditions around the world. I have been luckily enough to meet Mayan priests, Native American wisdom keepers, leaders of the Tibetan Bon tradition, as well as the Bards, Ovates and Druids of the British Isles. I have written a number of books on the subject called the Legends of the Grail series. I discuss some of my books and quests in the Celtic tradition here with wise SuperPowerExpert host Tatiana Berindei

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John Patrick Sullivan ~ Husband & Workshop Host

John Patrick Sullivan is a former NFL line-backer who attended University of Illinois. Recruited by alumnus Dick Butkus, John broke all of his tackling records. John is still the all-time leading season tackler at the university.

He was voted by fans as the all-time best Middle Line-backer into the Hall of Fame at the University of Illinois. Drafted by the Chicago Bears, he then played for the Jets for two seasons. Injured in a 1979 Jets-Bears preseason game, his life suddenly changed.


For more about John Sullivan’s football career read his Infinite Jets Blog Post


Raised in an Irish Catholic household, John Patrick always felt a strong connection to the sacred, especially to Mother Mary. Through a miraculous series of events, John Patrick Sullivan found himself in India at the ashram of Ramana Maharishi. It was the last place he could have imagined himself to be, however, in this time of total transformation, the path of self-inquiry proved life changing.


He describes feeling the grace of the guru and being picked up by Ramana’s lineage. After teaching Hatha Yoga for twenty-years, he became part of the Ridhwan School, where he began to practice the Diamond Approach to inquiry. He teaches yoga, meditation and inquiry as a path to freedom.

John Patrick Sullivan divides his time between California and Virginia, where he continues to live the life of a contemplative householder with his wife, author Ayn Cates Sullivan. Inquiry is their daily practice. He is the Vice-President of Infinite Light Publishing.


John Patrick Sullivan offers personal inquiry sessions in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta to people who are in the process of spiritual awakening. Contact:


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Iva Kenaz ~ Author


Iva Kenaz is an author from Prague, Bohemia. Writing has been her passion since childhood and her books are significantly influenced by spirituality and metaphysics. She studied Screenwriting at the Prague Film Academy and holds an MA in Creative Writing. She's also an avid researcher of ancient knowledge and a practitioner of tarot, runes, and channeling.

Writing has been her passion since childhood and her books are significantly influenced by spirituality and metaphysics. She studied Screenwriting at the Prague Film Academy and obtained her Masters in Creative Writing from London Southbank University. She's also a researcher of ancient knowledge and a practitioner of tarot, runes, and astrology.

Iva’s many visionary books include The Witch Within, The Goddess Within, The Merkaba Mystery, Alchemist Awakening: An Alchemical Journey Through the Zodiac, Manifested, Francois Villon, Sacred Geometry and Magical Symbols, and Runes: Magical Codes of Nature.

For more information please visit
Iva Kenaz Personal Website

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We are happy to announce that Iva Kenaz’s otherworldly romance, The Goddess Within, has been given the GOLD AWARD for Visionary Fiction by Reader’s Favorite


Marcela Tobal Benson ~ Author


Marcela Tobal Benson is now considered one of the world's leading teachers in the conscious eating movement, with over 20 years in professional practice. Marcela obtained her masters in Spiritual Nutrition at the Cousens School of Holistic Wellness. She also holds an M.A. in Vegan and Live Food Nutrition from the University of Integrated Science California.


Marcela has been instrumental in carrying the Live Food Vegan movement to an international audience, inspiring nutrition revolutions from Arizona to Argentina, and beyond.


Marcela is the Coordinator and Principal Teacher of Tree of Life Miami and South America, and is the only graduate teacher in the region. Her healing recipes have appeared in a number of bestselling health and wellness books, both in Spanish and English - including the second edition of There Is A Cure For Diabetes by Dr Gabriel Cousens and Nutricion Inteligente by Sacha Barrios, which sold 26,000 copies in six months.


A resident of Miami Beach, Marcela lives with Charles, her husband of 30 years, and two amazing children.

For more info, please visit Marcela Tobal Bensons Website

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Rabbi Gabriel Cousens ~ Author


Rabbi Gabriel Cousens

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H.), N.D.(h.c.), D.D. (Doctor of Divinity), Diplomate Ayurveda, Diplomate American Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine. He is a world-recognized medical doctor and spiritual teacher. At the age of forty Cousens began to study the Torah and kabbalistic texts intensely. Training under Rabbi Gershon Winkler, he received “smecha” in 2008.


He is the founder and director of the Tree of Life Foundation, which trains Essene priests and priestesses and coordinates international humanitarian programs benefiting disadvantaged families, children, and indigenous cultures through holistic education.

Cousens is the author of numerous books. In addition, he offers a free two-hour internet TV show called Alive with Gabriel in which he lectures and discusses spiritual, family, and relationship matters as well as spiritual nutrition issues. He has lectured on this program at many medical schools and centers around the world and provides spiritual and nutritional teaching. Rabbi Cousens lives in Israel.

He is a living inter-faith holistic expression who functions as a physician of the soul. Dr. Gabriel Cousens has been doing humanitarian and peace work throughout the world since 1965, including teaching and service in 42 countries including: United States, Canada, England, Mexico, Nicaragua, , Costa Rica, Panama. Peru, Ecuador ,Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordon, Egypt, Israel, Ghana, Nigeria,, South Africa, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, France, Amsterdam, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Croatia, India, Bali, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China,


Acknowledged as a liberated Yogi by his spiritual masters Swami Muktananda  and Swami Prakashananda in1982, Dr. Gabriel Cousens was empowered and directed by Swami Muktananda to give shaktipat (energy to awaken the Kundalini) to as many people as possible. Co-founder of the first Kundalini Crisis Clinic in the world, Dr. Cousens is considered a world-recognized expert on Kundalini. He was ordained as a rabbi by Rabbi Gerson Winkler in 2008 and has encourage the celebration of Shabbat in many countries around the He also teaches Torah based Judaism  as a path to liberation. In addition, Dr Cousens is a 4-year Native American Sundancer and Eagle Dancer and 11-year Spirit Dancer (Ghost Dancer). Adopted into the Lakota Sioux Horn Chip Clan, Dr. Cousens was appointed head of Yellow Horse Clan by his sundance chief. Dr. Gabriel Cousens’s unique contribution to the spiritual world today is the creation of the idea and teachings of spiritual nutrition and the formulation of the path of Holistic Liberation, which emphasizes a natural way of living guided by the Six Foundations and Sevenfold Peace that can take one to liberation.

Dr. Cousens is also a Holistic Orthomolecular Physician and Psychiatrist, Homeopath, Family Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and has served as a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Public Health Service. He is a former member of the Board of Trustees of the American Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine and currently vice-president of the Arizona Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine (AHIMA). Additionally, he’s a world leader in healing diabetes naturally. Dr. Cousens is also the founder and director of the Tree of Life Foundation, Tree of Life Center US, Tree of Life International Community, and the Essene Order of Light.  He is the bestselling author of 13 books. He is also a co-founder of a West African NGO called WARES (West African Rural Health Empowerment Society) and also Alianza de Corazón in Mexico (a group of humanitarian organizations in Mexico). He presently has established and supported over 100 health and diabetes prevention programs, organic veganic farming projects, and orphanages in 26 countries. He received the Cesar Chavez Award in 2013 for his nutritional and diabetes education of migrant farmworkers in the U.S.  He has also worked with African American gangs on the Southside of Chicago as well as lived and worked in Central Harlem for three years where he did a variety of projects including as Harlem wide successful school health prevention project.  He is happily married to Shanti Golds Cousens, father to Rafael (age 50) and Heather Cousens (age 47), and grandfather to Rhea (14 years old), Katja (12 years old), and AnaÏs (10 years old). He lives in Israel.


For more info, please visit Gabriel Cousens Website


Hannah May Hocking ~ Author


Hannah May Hocking is a British author and illustrator.

She studied medicine until she fell ill to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). She had been so unwell, in and out of hospital, unable to leave the house that her garden became her sanctuary. One morning Hannah noticed daisy flowers had grown in the grass overnight. The flowers had formed a path from the house to the tree at the bottom of the garden. The tree was unusual as it had grown with a hole right the way through it.


Hannah imagined it to be gateway to another world. A world of fairies who wanted to help us. From that moment she named it the Fairy Tree and began to write the story of this book. Spending many hours illustrating the pages of this book by the Fairy tree. She wanted people to know that even at the most scary and darkest times in one's life, if you take a breath and look around you, you will see there is always a tiny ray of light that will guide you to where you need to be.


Hannah went on to earn a degree in History. Today, she lives in Devon with her husband John Hocking and a ginger cat named George. She can often be found exploring nature with a book or a pencil in hand.


For more info, please visit Hannah May Hocking Website


Belle Crow duCray ~ Illustrator


Belle Crow duCray

Belle has illustrated all the artwork in six books so far, including the award winning a "Story of Becoming", as well as "Three Days in the Light", "Sparkle Trilogy" and "Legends of the Grail"

For queries contact:


Facebook: Belle duCray


For more info, please visit Sparkle & The Gift Website


Paige Ozma Ashmore ~ Illustrator


Paige Ozma Ashmore

Paige Ozma Ashmore was born in the United States but spent her formative years living in Germany. She credits living near forests and castles as her main inspiration for her art. Steeped in fairy tales and older stories, she learned of bears that could talk, sleeping princesses in old castles and how the woods could hold deep mysteries inside of themselves. She was further inspired by her exposure to Russian lacquer painting and classic fairy-tale illustrations. She has taken classes with Ka Graves, Leonie Horwitz, Lisa Albinger and Flora Bowley. She works mainly in acyrlic paints and soft pastel.  


“I believe that art sings the secret music of the soul. I paint images that awaken the old stories hidden in our bones.”  – Paige Ozma Ashmore

Check out her artwork here:

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