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Welcome and thank you for joining "Infinite Light Publishing & Media".

Welcome and thank you for joining our "Infinite Light Publishing & Media" family.

(what you need from them) … (what kieron needs from them)

In order to help us add your books onto our website, we need certain information from you.

Please use this check list in order to send us all of this relivant information, including any photos or video, to help us quickly impliment changes to our website.

  • Print copies of your books

  • PDF's format of your books

  • Cover Art of your books

  • All occompaning text descriptions of your books or amazon links

  • On the About me page, we need text of your Author Bio

  • Profile pictures, plus a Head Shot (4x minimum)

  • Personal Website Link

  • Youtube Channel Link

  • Links to your Podcasts or Blogs

  • Any specific Video Files you want us to use?

  • Do you have an Audio recording of your book?

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Please send all the information, Word or PDF documents, Photos & Videos files or Links as an email to both of these addresses:

Kieron Sibley:

Ayn Cates Sullivan:

You can also use this website to send 10gb worth of data in one go for free. Upload your files to the website below & send them.

*Youre files are secure, any uploads to this site will be deleted in 10days and they are private between you and recipient.

Hi Ayn, I dont know if you wanted just a list from me

or if you wanted to include them on this page with a bit of description

 (no prices until inquire)


We have a selection of professionals that can help you with all aspects of publication and promotion. Ranging from proof reading & editing, film & photography, website design, online marketing stratergies, technical assistance.

We have solutions for all your needs:

  • We can proof read & edit you book; Isbn creation & bringing your book to market

  • We can create book trailers and support authors with increased social media presence.

  • We can organize Global online book launches via Zoom and build your Best Seller Campaign.

If you wish to hire our professional, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Here are a few areas we cover, but are not limited to:

Bringing Your Book To Market:

  • Proof reading & Editing

  • Isbn creation

  • ... needs more

Full Website Creation:

  • We can make a website for you from scratch or we can re-edit the one you already have

  • Membership Forums

  • Youtube Channel, Blogs & Podcast Implementation

  • Shopping Features

  • Seo of the site to make it Google Optimised

  • Backend Coding

  • Keyword Research and Suggestions for Improvements

  • Research of the Competition

  • Setting up of Business Pages


  • ***This is about 2 months work. We will work closely with you to create a wonderful website fitting your individual needs. This may include additional costs for website services where necessary such as domain name, website hosting and shopping features.

Media Services:

  • Professional Photography Shoots & Video Filming (Based In The Uk)

  • Professional Head Shots & Profile Pictures for Social Media

  • Professional Photos of Your Books, Products & Services for Online Shop

  • Film Live Events, Workshops, Lectures to make into Sellable Content

  • Photo, Video & Audio Editing

Technical Help:

  • Live Streaming of your lectures to Youtube & Facebook

  • Podcast Shows & Advice about equipment needed

  • Set up online Web Stores, where you can earn a passive income online

  • Create Online Courses & Lead Pages from your content

  • Setting Up Skype or Zoom Meeting Courses

  • Website Maintenance & Updates

  • Sorting out any technical difficulties

  • Restocking Inventory

  • Help create more Content or Video Editing

  • Create Social Media Posts or Facebook Adverts

  • Maintain Email Lists

Photoshop Design:

  • Book & Album Covers

  • Logos, Banners, Headers

  • Can design whatever is needed


  • Marketing Strategies tailer made to suit your needs

  • Book Promos & Book Launches

  • Facebook Adverts & Social Media Campaigns

  • Email List Campaigns

  • Podcast Adverts

  • Book Trailer Videos

  • Banners & Pop Up Adverts

This is about building relationships and we will try my best to help you further your books sales and projects.

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