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Diamond Light Couple Sessions:

Awakening Together (Dialectic Inquiry)

Work with John Patrick Sullivan & Ayn Cates Sullivan who have spent the past 16 years in a Beloved marriage and partnership practicing the art of awakening together. Using inquiry, we truly can help each other in the spiritual awakening process.


Guidelines for Awakening Together Through Dialectic Inquiry 

  • Our main practice is Inquiry, the path that has been used for thousands of years for liberation and ultimately Self-Realization.

  • The focus of this practice is on understanding and opening up to the divine within ourselves and discovering our True Nature.

  • Adhering to a set time develops a strong container for relating. (Usually 15-20 minutes with 5-10 minutes sharing.)

  • We are shifting focus away from personality towards an expanded sense of self. Meanwhile, honor what comes up.

  • Trust creates openness, understanding and beautiful relationships.

  • We promise to support our process and the unfolding True Nature of our partner.

  • We commit to maintaining an open-minded curiosity.

  • We take full responsibility for all of our thoughts, words and deeds.

  • We never blame our partner for how we feel, for our feelings are our responsibility.

  • We inquire into and explore the messages our feelings have for us.

  • The words we use are vibrations that have enormous impact, and so we need to choose our words carefully.

  • Our thoughts, our conversations and our actions inform and create the world we live into. Let’s be conscious creators.

  • We all already have what we need within ourselves and our partners can help us remember what we may have forgotten.

  • Practice listening to your partner with no agenda.

  • Develop an attitude of neutral loving kindness.

  • Do not interrupt another’s monologue.

  • Ask questions, but do not interpret.

  • Trust the process.

  • NEVER physically act out on your self or your partner. No violence. Physical abuse ends relationships.

  • NEVER verbally assault your partner. If you do, apologize immediately. Verbal abuse ends relationships.

  • Stay clean and clear with all of your agreements, especially regarding sexuality and finances.

  • Clean up all addictive or codependent behaviors with a therapist, mentor or 12 step program.

  • When triggered let your partner know that you would like to find time to inquire to explore your feelings and insights later when you feel calm.

  • Keep impeccable agreements with your partner.

  • Show up on time. This shows that you respect your partner.

  • Process difficult material with a therapist.

  • Practice love, kindness and support with your partner.

  • Set times aside for special dinners, walks and dates.

  • Remember that your Inner Guidance and True Nature ultimately will reveal great wisdom, truth and love.

  • Honor your partner and see the Light in them.

  • Trust your inner guidance, it will lead you Home.


About John Patrick Sullivan:

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