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Legends of the Grail is a collection of ancient Irish myths, and the missing or untold stories of Goddesses told in first person. I also offer practices that can allow us to untangle and free ourselves of stories that no longer serve us. We have the opportunity to align with the Grail, a symbol of our wholeness, our personal essence. The Goddesses remind us that we each have an unquenchable fire inside. If we listen carefully with the ears of your heart, the Earth speaks to us. Myths and legends are etched into the landscape.


Heroines of Avalon - This is the second volume in the “Legends of the Grail” series. It is  a collection of British myths and legends, told with a modern twist. The series is designed to help us restore and embrace the qualities of the feminine that have been lost in most cultures and religions. The story is told a if sitting around table of inspiring women, including well-known Welsh deities and almost forgotten Arthurian female Grail Knights and landscape Goddesses.  Each heroine re-tells her story, often freeing herself from centuries of misunderstanding and are inspiring role models.

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Nimue: Freeing Merlin is a Celtic Heroine’s journey, told of a young woman going back in time to discover her past. Believing she is a normal person just like any other, Nina has no idea of the mysteries that await her in Britain. Through a series of mystical events, realizes that she was a Lady of the Lake in a previous life, that she was the one responsible for sealing Merlin up in a tree until the hour of his return. Now, she is the only one who can find him and free him again, the world depends on it. Traveling back in time to Ynys Witrin, the Isle of Glass, she discovers more than she ever imagined possible.


Nimue: Freeing Merlin is a stand-alone novel, and also part of the Legends of the Grail series. The books do not need to be read in order, but all of the legends and folktales interrelate. The earlier books in the series focus on Celtic Goddesses and Heroines. Like the other books in the series, there are Celtic rituals, mystical practices and visualizations for the avid reader who wishes to delve more deeply into Celtic and Arthurian mysteries.

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