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Hannah May Hocking

Hannah May Hocking ~ Author & Illustrator


Hannah May Hocking is a British author and illustrator.

She studied medicine until she fell ill to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). She had been so unwell, in and out of hospital, unable to leave the house that her garden became her sanctuary. One morning Hannah noticed daisy flowers had grown in the grass overnight. The flowers had formed a path from the house to the tree at the bottom of the garden. The tree was unusual as it had grown with a hole right the way through it.


Hannah imagined it to be gateway to another world. A world of fairies who wanted to help us. From that moment she named it the Fairy Tree and began to write the story of this book. Spending many hours illustrating the pages of this book by the Fairy tree. She wanted people to know that even at the most scary and darkest times in one's life, if you take a breath and look around you, you will see there is always a tiny ray of light that will guide you to where you need to be.


Hannah went on to earn a degree in History. Today, she lives in Devon with her husband John Hocking and a ginger cat named George. She can often be found exploring nature with a book or a pencil in hand.


For more info, please visit Hannah May Hocking Website

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