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Ayn's Newsletter - We Don't Have To Cut Off Our Breasts - Detox Instead

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Dear --

I have recently seen in the news celebrities announcing that they will have their breasts removed because they have a chance of developing breast cancer. I find this shocking and am disappointed that I hear few people respond to it. Everyone has to make their own decisions regarding their life and health, but I am not entirely sure that Americans have access to the information that they need to make informed decisions. While we hear about the latest expensive technologies, we meanwhile consume GMO foods at nearly all restaurants, have lost the understanding of the power of positive affirmation and prayer (the power of the word) and don't want to think that our actions have any karmic consequences (the power of thought and deed). Healers are shunned as quacks and so the sensitive people of the world are effectively silenced. Sheep can easily be lead to slaughter. Let's wake up!

We are so used to turning our bodies and minds over to professionals we forget to rely upon our own intuition and take full responsibility for our own bodies, education, families, careers and souls. I feel I have the authority to write about this subject because I was also told by my doctors in 2003 that I was developing breast cancer and that I must have a biopsy and possibly have my breasts removed. I turned to the two doctors in a hospital waiting room who were telling me that must take this seriously and act now in the ways that they were suggesting or I would potentially be causing my own death sentence. I closed my eyes for a moment and tuned in. 

When I opened my eyes I looked at the two doctors closely and said, "No, I do not feel that you are correct and I know what approach I need to take." When they tried to intimidate me with the fear of my own demise once again, I hissed back, "Why don't you waste your breath on someone who will listen to you?" turned on my heels and walked out of the hospital. While authorities are worth listening to, I never allow anyone to override my own internal knowing.

In truth my heart was racing and yet I was very clear that I needed to go and see Charlotte Gerson in San Diego. I did not discuss this with anyone apart from my parents and a few close friends because the "C" word is so misunderstood in our culture. I knew that I had allowed my body to become toxic and that I needed to do a major detox. I intuitively felt I needed to end my marriage and create a life that felt harmonious and life supportive. I had reached a pivotal juncture in my life and I needed to make life supportive choices for me. I also felt that I knew  how to do that.

I am not a medical doctor and I am not suggesting that anyone else try this unless they happen to be very good at tuning in to their body. Although I do not treat physical conditions, I have given intuitive readings most of my life and I trust my own accuracy. I also have seen over and over again that when people make amends with themselves and those they have hurt (they clean up their personal mess), detox their bodies with juices for several months or even years (I'm still juicing), and they follow their life purpose and mission, their lives often turn around for the better. So I did the Gerson diet for 18 months. I was delighted that my body responded to this diet and also learned that the Gerson reports a 100% success rate with the reversal of stage one breast cancer. Why there is not a juicing and fasting center in every hospital and nursing home still remains a mystery to me. I believe that we should have neutral and objective research centers in every city where we could explore our options and make informed choices. For more about the Gerson Institute visit:

I made the changes I needed to make in my life, including a divorce. Attending the University of Santa Monica's Spiritual Psychology Program was a real gift during this time. While I was there I saw a documentary that had been made by a woman who had been suffering from stage four cancer who had been given a few months to live and had decided to use what she had learned at the program. Her cure was to go back through time and come to peace with all people, situations and events that had blocked her from experiencing joy. Over a period of weeks she made her amends all the way back to her childhood and eventually felt that her joy had been recovered. Her doctors surprised her by announcing that her cancer had gone into remission. She inspired me to follow in her footsteps and I also made my amends and found the essential qualities of strength, joy, peace, will and compassion within my own nature. I graduated from USM in 2006 and began a new life based on the spiritual lessons life had brought me with my new husband, John Patrick Sullivan.

This health challenge a decade ago placed me firmly on a healing path. Since then I have explored many psychological, nutritional and spiritual traditions and have found a great deal of value to many of them. I listen and then decide what works for my body and spiritual evolution. I am also happy to report that I am in perfect health. 

To maintain optimal health I remember to detox my body/mind and connect with the divine light. Each morning and night I clear myself and my lineage with Howard Wills' Forgiveness Prayers (which can be found on my website or I follow a largely vegan diet eating only organic produce and at times include some fish and eggs, and very occasionally some poultry. I do feel strongly that we need to have an awareness around the care of our animals and that it would be intelligent to end the practice of the unconscious slaughter of animals. I am an avid supporter of the vegan movement and also am aware that some people require a certain amount of meat for optimal health. I juice daily and I remember to do a cleanse four times a year during the summer and winter solstice and the spring and autumn equinox. Each summer I do a juice fast for a week. After five days of green juice fasting the body resets itself and I feel younger, stronger, slimmer, sexier and more vibrant. 

The first time you do a fast it would be wise do it at a clinic (my favorite is Gabriel Cousens' Tree Of Life in Patagonia, AZ) or with an experienced naturopath or nutritionist. Anyone can try a green juice and detox for a day. The green juice I use for fasting has a very low glycemic index so my blood sugar remains stable throughout the week: I use a base of cucumber and add celery and kale; I may also add lemon and ginger. The way people feel varies, I tend to become sweeter and a little light headed but can continue my daily activities with my children. Ideally we take a week off for ourselves and spend time going within and getting in touch with the messages of our soul.

The first time I visited the Tree of Life was the fourth of July in 2009! I would say that the education on nutrition I received there was empowering and that I do experience a greater personal independence as a result of what I learned with David Wolfe, Marcela Benson and Dr Gabriel Cousens.

Celebrating your increased independence!

Much love,


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