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  • Ayn Cates Sullivan

Ayn's Newsletter Summer 2021

Messages For An Awakening Humanity Summer Newsletter 2021

Ayn Cates Sullivan

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I had a message during meditation in 2019. The voice was gentle yet insistent: "Start a podcast." I tried to insist that I was an author, and a bit of a hermit. My hesitancy did not seem to quiet my muse. Instead, I felt a sense of urgency, and had the impression that humanity was going to experience some sort of shift. Soon afterwards I met Tonya Dawn Recla, president of SuperPowerExperts and knew I had found my tribe. The fact that my show on SuperPowerUp! had over 2.6 million listeners during 2020 still blows me away. I remember how nervous I was for the first few episodes, and then the podcast began to flow. These numbers are a healthy indication to me that although it might not be in the mainstream news yet, a spiritual awakening is actually occurring. It's happening NOW. Years ago when I would speak about awakening during gatherings, maybe ten or thirty people would express interest. Now over 25 million people are listening to the SuperPower Network. You can find more about SuperPowerUp! here: These ever increasing numbers of listeners in 90 countries around the world means we are in the shift. Welcome to the Aquarian Age! Humanity is awakening. I speak about the current spiritual awakening in depth in my Wisdom of the Ages monologues and interviews. LISTEN TO MORE:

When life becomes challenging, it's time to start creating! If we follow the cycles of history we discover that the Bubonic Plague (1347-1350) gave rise to the Renaissance. It devastated the population of Europe and Asia, particularly Italy. Shaken to the core, humanity demanded wide-ranging changes, particularly in the realms of economics, education and religion. This intense questioning prompted the emergence of the Italian Renaissance, which was a time in which the arts, literature and architecture flourished throughout Europe. The 14th Century was considered by many Italian thinkers "A New Age." Between the 14th to 15th centuries, Europe excelled in cultural, artist and scientific achievements. Many turned away from the medieval church arguing their theology was out of date, and instead tried to understand the laws of the universe through art and science. The exciting "Humanistic" belief was that humankind was actually the center of the universe. Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo questioned the nature of existence, and in Germany the printing press was born. After the destruction of WWI, the 1918 Spanish flu brought in more suffering and lasted until 1920, infecting a third of the population. What followed was an economic depression, and then a time fondly referred to as the "Roaring 20s." After a very difficult time, people were ready to live it up. We can also see this cycle emerging after WWII, then later with the hippy revolution of the 1960s. People will only tolerate a certain amount of repression, and generally dislike lies. Suffering makes us question the nature of our existence, and desire a better life. When survival is threatened, we tend to get busy. Human beings are creative beings. Truly we can design a world in which all sentient beings thrive. We can see similar patterns emerging globally now. As we mourn our dead, help the sick and suffering, we realize that we are all one humanity. What happens to one member in some way happens to us all. No longer is it acceptable for large corporations to harm the environment, animals or human beings solely for profit. We have different dreams that are emerging, they they involve all sentient beings. All people need food, clothing and shelter. All people should have the right to live and work in safe environments, and follow their dreams. Many people are breaking away from systems that no longer service them, and are growing their own food, building their own homes, establishing their own currencies, and questioning the fabric of our existence. A new Renaissance is beginning. Almost anyone can find a piece of paper and a crayon, or place a pile of stones in a unique way, or hum with the moon and stars. It is important to take care of ourselves by writing down our thoughts and feelings, creating art, dancing on the earth, reciting poetry, playing music and singing. The arts are important now because when we have a way to express ourselves we can heal and evolve. As the summer sun warms the air, we can also begin to reconnect with friends and family. We are meant to live together. Now that we have entered the Aquarian Age we are prompted to evolve yet again beyond the importance of the individual to a global awareness. PRACTICE LISTENING People are still emerging from difficult situations, so take time with friends and family, or even a stranger now. Sometimes the most powerful action is simply to listen to another's suffering with understanding and compassion. Together we will come up with medical, scientific, educational, artistic and digital solutions for what ails us and the planet. We must remember that we are more powerful than we realize. We are Creator Beings and we are awakening. You can listen to more of my monologues here: LISTEN

INFINITE LIGHT PUBLISHING & MEDIA is accepting submissionsDuring the pandemic I built out the framework for my publishing company, Infinite Light Publishing & Media, so we can take on more authors with messages for an evolving humanity. Our authors now include Dr Gabriel Cousens, Marcela Benson, Iva Kenaz, Hannah May Hocking and others.

We are now accepting submissions for 2022. If you would like to be on the Wisdom of the Ages podcast, become an Infinite Light author, do a best-seller campaign, or simply want to share what's happening in your world,

Please write us at: Or contact us here: Our mission at Infinite Light Publishing & Media is to create books that support the new paradigm of spiritual awakening. Our books are for all ages, offering inquiries and teachings from many different traditions designed to bring awareness and wisdom into our personal journeys. ***NEW*** NIMUE: Freeing Merlin - A NOVEL I'm also happy to announce that my first novel Nimue: Freeing Merlin successfully launched this year. It is a featured book in the Kirkus Reviews during June 2021. It also is a National Indie Book Award Winner in New Age Fiction. Nimue is available as a book, eBook and Audible book through Amazon. Click here to order the book from us directly: For an Audible version follow "Click Here!" Thank you for supporting Independent Publishing. May the Renaissance begin!

May wisdom reveal its secrets to you one message at a time. Many blessings! Ayn

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