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SUBMIT YOUR BOOK (Or Query Your Idea) For 2023-2024

Infinite Light Publishing & Media is a hybrid publishing company. We specialize in top quality children’s books, art books, fiction and non-fiction, also well-designed poetry, eco-psychology, and cookbooks. We especially love books with uplifting, spiritual messages.


Our theme this year is: “Messages for an evolving humanity.”


We consider books with messages that we feel closely match our vision. The types of books we consider are:

  • Children’s Books

  • Art Books

  • Fiction

  • Non-Fiction

  • Cookbooks

  • Poetry

  • Eco-Psychology

  • Mythology & Shamanism

  • Spiritual Books

Our design and printing team have produced many award-winning and best-selling titles. We are looking forward to being involved in a Renaissance of art, poetry, and literature.





We only accept a limited number of books each year and they must be books that fit our theme: “Messages for an Evolving Humanity.” Our goal is to respond to each query.

You are welcome to submit a query, a full children’s book or the first 50 pages of your manuscript. Please send your book samples to us as PDF format:


If your book is accepted, then we go through a rigorous editorial process. Many books need editing, so we may ask you to work with one of our editors, and/or to resubmit your book at a later time. 


We create high-end off-set print books, off-set trade paperbacks, eBooks and audio books. (Note: we can help an author create a POD file if that is their preferences, but those books rarely make it into bookstores.) Then our design team comes up with a cover and interior files for approval, the final templates go to print and then we prepare your book to go through our distribution channels. We also make sure your book is entered for at least one book award. We can also help your get your message out into the world with ILP Communications.


ILP Communications

For Infinite Light Publishing Authors & Speakers building a media platform

ILP Communications can help your book find an audience. We continue to produce Amazon bestselling books. Part of what we can offer our authors is an interview with Ayn Cates Sullivan on the Wisdom of the Ages (2.6 million listeners) which is on the Super Power Network (25 million listeners).


Writing a book is only part of the work. All too often an author spends a year or so writing a book, puts it up on Amazon, and then is disappointed by sales. Even hiring a PR person does not necessarily help. In truth, the author is the one who sells his or her book, and we have a team who can help you accomplish your goals.


We have solutions:

  • We can create book trailers and support authors with increased social media presence.

  • We can organize Global online book launches via Zoom and build your Best Seller Campaign.


ILP Best Seller Campaigns & Global Online Book Launches


We can help an author find radio shows and podcasts to speak on. We can also build out an author podcast and build a fan base, even establish an author platform on ILP Communications.


It’s all about getting your important message out into the world.

~ Thank you for supporting Independent Publishing – our voices matter!

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