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Ayn's Newsletter - Time Of The Thin Veil

Dear -- As we enter the winter months we are invited to focus on the development of our own light bodies, the eternal part of our True Nature. When we take time to honor our ancestors, we make space for new seeds to germinate within us. Dressing up tonight in a disguise that haunts you can be beneficial. In ancient cultures this was the time of year when women dressed up as the Calleach or hag goddess, which over time degenerated to the ugly witch. We all are aging and this type of play helps us laugh at ourselves when we see the emergence of the crone or elder. Or perhaps we might call forth another aspect of the subconscious, such as a monster or demon. When we are familiar with these aspe

Winner of "Most Downloaded Show" Podcast

Superpower Networks have given Ayn an award for "Most Downloaded Show" on their Podcast network. She offers podcasts with special guest each week, to continue to inspire others.

My Spiritual Journey

Spiritual intuitive sessions since 1991. The way I work with people has evolved over the past few decades. I realized that our bodies are very wise and understand the process of spiritual awakening. All we really need to do is dissolve what keeps us from living in a continual state of Self-Realization. And that takes some practice. I will offer a glimpse of my spiritual journey. SONGS OF THE UNIVERSE: I began by giving Aura-Soma Colour Therapeutic Readings, followed by Mythic Astrological Readings, and the creation of personalized Flower Essences and Entheos Color Essences. Working with vibrational remedies and the songs of stars was my humble beginning. MINISTERY: I became a ministe

A Story of Becoming

A New Children’s Book Teaches Holistic Lessons of Self-Discovery A Story of Becoming is a fable about a seed that over time becomes an apple tree and after a storm becomes a living miracle. The tale is a metaphor for our own process of self-discovery and reminds us that no matter what we have faced in life our essence is still whole and complete. Written by award-winning author Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D, A Story of Becoming is the third children’s book she has written in collaboration with illustrator Belle Crow DuCray. Her other two children’s books, Sparkle and the Gift and Sparkle and the Light have both won numerous awards including the gold medal at The Mom’s Choice Awards, and furthe

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