The Holy Grail of Publishing!

Do you love stories of the Holy Grail and all of the medieval fantasy world? If yes, then this episode of Incorporating SuperPowers is perfect for you. Host Justin Recla is joined by  to talk about the Holy Grail of Publishing. Ayn is the author of the best selling fantasy series Legends of the Grail and the host of the Wisdom of the Ages show. Her third book in the series comes out this year. She is also the author of the best selling kids book called Sparkle. She is also the CEO of Infinite Light Publishing and Media, which manages everything from editing to distribution to get fantasy authors out to the world. Listen in now and get into the world of writing and publishing books tha

Ayn's Newsletter Summer 2020

Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D. Summer 2020 Newsletter Infinite Light Publishing & Media, LLC Are you ready for true freedom and liberation? I certainly am! We are clearly in a time of great change and spiritual awakening. All of us are needed now to dream a new reality into being. Join in the conversation and listen to upbeat interviews, and monologues, on the SuperPowerUp network that support all of us in co-creating a new paradigm. How do we know people are shifting? I used to talk to groups of ten people about spiritual awakening, and I now have over 250,000 listeners, and our SuperPowerUp! network has over two million listeners making it the #1 podcast network for Personal Develop

News Article in Total Prestige Magazine

Total Prestige Magazine Drew Farmer Journalist and author Ayn Cates Sullivan. International Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Seminar Leader Ayn Cates Sullivan began her writing career over three decades ago. In her early years of writing, most of her stories were simply for her children, but later evolved into published works. Thanks to her creativity and storytelling, Sullivan’s literary works caught the eyes of readers around the world and she became a bestselling author. Many of Sullivan’s published materials are mythological and visionary books. She has found a niche that allows her to express an unsuppressable creativity. Sullivan isn’t just an international award-winning author.

Postal Address:

Infinite Light Publishing

Studio IX
969 2nd Street SE
Charlottesville, VA

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