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Ayn's Newsletter Summer 2020

Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D. Summer 2020 Newsletter Infinite Light Publishing & Media, LLC

Are you ready for true freedom and liberation? I certainly am! We are clearly in a time of great change and spiritual awakening. All of us are needed now to dream a new reality into being. Join in the conversation and listen to upbeat interviews, and monologues, on the SuperPowerUp network that support all of us in co-creating a new paradigm. How do we know people are shifting? I used to talk to groups of ten people about spiritual awakening, and I now have over 250,000 listeners, and our SuperPowerUp! network has over two million listeners making it the #1 podcast network for Personal Development and Spiritual Growth.  If you have a message that can help humanity and the world, contact me for an interview and we will see if we are a fit. My show is called Wisdom of the Ages and I interview authors and spiritual leaders from all traditions around the world. I also share monologues on spiritual awakening. You can find a list of my episodes here

A new digital world: Infinite Light Publishing has expanded into Infinite Light Publishing & Media, LLC

I am excited to announce that several new authors have joined us at Infinite Light. Our new authors include: Dr Gabriel Cousens, Marcela Benson, Iva Kenaz and Hannah May Hocking. I want to invite you to check out our new website. You can also download my free book of blessings called Three Days in the Light

Gabriel Cousens' Into The Nothing: A Spiritual Autobiography  In this new autobiography, the romantic and fiery mystic, Gabriel Cousens takes us from the trap of the body-mind, to Kundalini awakening, all the way through the process of liberation. Into The Nothing takes us through an incredible journey with a liberated master that still walks the earth, and at 77 still meditates in full lotus! This new Infinite Light book - Into The Nothing - launches Oct 2, 2020 We are beginning to accept pre-orders. Please let me know if you want a hard cover special edition. The paperbacks will be available soon.

3 Sparkle Fairy Tales One thing that is useful about staying at home is that I have had plenty of time to complete and polish my many books. I am so happy to announce that 3 new Sparkle Fairy Tales are currently being printed and will be available any day. We are currently taking pre-orders.  These three Fairy Tales are 32 page easy readers, so perfect picture books for the 4-7 age group, and yet can be read and loved by any age. The magical illustrations were done by Belle Crow duCray. Honestly, these fairy tales are mostly purchased by adults who need an uplift... so they are literally for all ages. You can read more about each book in the Sparkle series here The Sparkle Fairy Tale series consists of Kachina's Rose, Ella's Magic and Undina's Spell. Each book is the story within one of the larger Sparkle continual readers, yet these have been streamlined so that children can read them as part of their class curriculums. 

Ella's Magic is for children who feel they have super powers and are learning to use them. Ella knows she is different, she can fly between worlds. However, it takes a challenge for her to claim her unusual gifts. 

Kachina's Rose is about a fairy who goes on an adventure into the human world. She does a special nature dance and makes a magical rose that heals a young woman.

Undina's Spell is an entirely new book with the best of Belle's illustrations to date! It is the adventure of Undina, a fairy who places a spell on a young girl named Eva, who can then hear the plants and animals. Eva learns that she must face a fire-breathing Dragon in order to walk into the Inner World of Dreams, where a secret awaits that can heal the world. The Sparkle Fairy Tales can be ordered directly from our website

Thank you for supporting Independent Publishing!

Infinite Light Publishing & Media LLC continues to support women in myth and legend. We are happy to announce the revised and updated edition of Iva Kenaz's The Goddess Within, which is now available as a stunning hardcover and a paperback.  The Goddess Within is my favorite summer read. This newly revised novel by the mysterious and talented Iva Kenaz, is one of many magical books. She has written a number of books ranging from subjects such as Runes, to Sacred Geometry, to a variety of Novels. We share a love of the old Irish writing known as the Ogham.

To listen to her interview on Wisdom of the Ages, click here Yes, it is time that the ancient feminine voice is remembered! We need our roots if we are to fully awaken and embody in this new paradigm! This romance is about loving between the worlds. The story itself focuses on Berka, a young woman, who discovers her place in the world as a daughter and as a woman. Set in a mystical, earthy world, Berka explores the realms between worlds and is forced to face up to herself and her deepest fears and disappointments - her shadow self. Although it is set in the sixteenth century, many of the concerns facing her world are the same concerns we face today. One thing I particularly enjoyed in this tale is how Iva Kenaz weaves conservation and the need to preserve our environment into her story. The author also confronts the issue of differences and relationships across time and space; and we discover that it is possible to love between the worlds. The Goddess Within is a truly inspirational and moving tale. One of the things I love most about the book is that Berka learns to heal with her womb - YES! True Goddess Power! If only all women (and men) understood the powers of the Divine Feminine, the world would change in an instant!  You can read more about Iva Kenaz on her personal website You can purchase a copy of The Goddess Within directly from our new website. Direct orders are greatly appreciated, however, the book can be purchased any where in North America and online. *** To purchase The Goddess Within, the Sparkle Fairy Tales, or to pre-order Into the Nothing through Infinite Light, please go to: or write us at

Remember we co-create our realities with the stories we tell ourselves and one another! Wellness blessings & love, Ayn

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