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Unlock the Power of the 5th dimension with these Spirit Cards!

These cards invite healing and increased awareness, helping you connect with Sophia's eternal wisdom. Experience the harmony of the 5 elements and embrace liberation as you journey into the Aquarian Age.


With a focus on color, imagination, and soul essence, these Imaginosophy cards bridge the material and celestial realms, guiding you towards unity, love, and abundance. Join the spiritual awakening and discover the truth of your soul with these Oracle Cards.

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  • The Spirit Cards deck is designed to help you tap into Sophia's eternal wisdom and unlock the full potential of your soul

  • Experience liberation from dualistic thinking. Transform your life as you embrace the sacred journey towards unity, love, and abundance for all. Experience the power of the 5th dimension as you step into the Aquarian Age

  • These cards will help you to bridge the material and celestial realms with a focus on color, imagination, and soul essence



  • The Imaginosophy Deck is designed to support self-discovery and personal growth

  • Uncover the mysteries of Western mystical traditions and take control of your personal destiny with Grail practices.

  • Enhance your mind, body, and soul by aligning to the planetary frequencies and use "The Imaginosophy Deck" as a tool for accessing higher dimensions and realizing the eternal play of consciousness

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