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Size: 10"X13" Portrait 


[ Hardcover - 978-1947925229 ]

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Love, Peace & Vegetables is an exquisitely designed book, which includes lifestyle advice, mystical poetry, inspiration, tips, menus and over 150 Live-Food and Vegan recipes.


Spiritual nutrition counselor, Marcela Benson, demonstrates how to create delicious, healthy and balanced meals that can heal us from the inside out and change our lives for the better.


This life-changing book includes stunning artwork by Balinese painter, Made Griyawan, and full-color food photography by Ira Rodriguez that brings Marcela’s recipes to life.

This book is a celebration of compassion, love and peace.​

Available for pre-order. Launching 2021


Ibu Robin Lim, midwife and author

“Food is medicine,” is what I say to the many expectant mothers I meet everyday. Marcela Benson’s Love, Peace & Vegetables opened the doors of my heart, and made me want to dance, make the recipes for my family, and rejoice in eating for life. This book was birthed and blessed in Bali, Indonesia, where the astonishing art and photos were created. Born from Marcela’s authentic soul, comes an understanding of Mother Earth and Father Time. Balancing nature’s elements in her kitchen, Marcela has created a lifestyle of sacred offerings.


Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D., author

Marcela Benson is a true priestess bringing spirituality into the kitchen. In Love, Peace & Vegetables, she carefully explains not only how to make delicious healthy Vegan and Live-Food meals, Marcela also shows us how to transform the mundane into the sacred. Her recipes are living blessings that truly heal the body, mind and soul. Over time I have incorporated much of this wisdom into my life with miraculous results, and now many of these recipes are an integral part of my blossoming life. Marcela’s nutritional wisdom invites the community to raise consciousness in a way that makes each meal Divine.


David ‘Avocado’ Wolf, author

Marcela’s Love, Peace & Vegetables is a delicious and innovative breakthrough in Vegan and Live-Food nutrition. In this book, Marcela brings you up to speed on plant-based nutrition, healthy lifestyle, spiritual nourishment, and food preparation. This book includes everything from new and novel ways of cleaning and preparing food and drink, to superfoods to organic vegetable preparation to fermentation to quinoa to homemade nut milk to blended shakes to healing herbal tonics to chocolate desserts to ice creams to absolutely delicious cookies. All guilt free and healthy! Now that’s something I have never found all in one book! There is much in here for all types looking to add the power of plants into one’s diet. You’ll savor every page and experience The Best Day Ever


Listen to her latest Podcast talking about the book Click Here

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