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Peace, Love & Vegetables is an exquisitely designed book which includes lifestyle advice, inspiration, affirmations, tips, menus and over 150 Live Food & Vegan recipes. Spiritual Nutrition Counselor


Marcela Benson teaches us how to create delicious, healthy and balanced meals that can heal us and change our lives for the better.


This book is a celebration of compassion, love and peace.​

Size: 9"X7" Portrait


Heather mama of 5

We love Herb and his story book. The story is really good for helping little ones understand why we don't eat meat. It also has a good thread of non-violence. The little bendy Herb is great to play with.



I love this book! I ordered this book for my 3 year old for Christmas because while we are not strict vegetarians, we are gradually moving in that direction, it looked like a great book and the set with book and the bendy dragon was precious.



My kids absolutely love this book and have me read it to them all the time. I initially purchased this book because my 5 yo son couldn't understand if it was right or wrong to eat meat (we're vegetarians, obviously) and this book was the perfect way of explaining things to him. It's a great and fun way to help kids (especially boys) understand tolerance. Also, he really likes that 'Herb' is a vegetarian just like us.

Listen to her latest Podcast talking about the book Click Here:

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