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Ayn's Newsletter - Kauai & The Practice Of Life

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Dear --

I am in the islands of Kauai this week. The land is covered with dense foliage that pierces the clouds at four thousand feet and drops down into a stunning bay. Many exotic fruits are in season and my current favorites are the strawberry guavas and the sweet lilikoi, which tastes like ambrosia. Locals tell me that Kauai is the most spiritual of Hawaii's islands and that the strong energies can stimulate an activation of the crown center. 

        Tonight at dusk I walked outside as a rainstorm was blowing in from the mountain range above Hannalei Bay and a double rainbow appeared, which stimulated me to jump around like an ecstatic child. I felt the urge to kiss the blossoming flowers, say hello the fish in the flowing creek and fill all of creation with my love. 

        I am here working with a wonderful man by the name of Howard Wills. What really moves me is the open and compassionate way he embraces all human beings, from movie stars to the local venders and animals. He works with millions of people with every concern known to man and often facilitates healing. He inspires me to peace make through forgiveness prayers and free myself of all burdens so that I might be a shining light on the world. Positive energy is life affirming and Howard has reminded me of the benefits of cultivating humility, gratitude, reverence, respect and love for all of life. My current practice is releasing what no longer serves me or my lineage and choosing to live in love and bliss instead. It is a paradigm shift worth making! 

        If you have a moment listen to this song my Hawaiian friend Norman Ka'awa Solomon created spontaneously with a prayer from Unquenchable Spiritual Fire called "My Closest Friend." It was written after an inspiration in which I realized that the Infinite Light is always with me, loving, leading, guiding and protecting me and all who seek increased awareness.

Me Ke Aloha ~ With love


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