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Ayn's Newsletter - My Closest Friend

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Dear --

When I read this poem to a group I sometimes see people turn away and brush a tear from their cheek. Let's always remember that our closest friend is never further away than our own heart:

My Closest Friend

All That Is

Please Hold Me In Your Presence

And Open Up My Guidance

So That I May Walk With You

And Speak With You

Please Be My Closest Friend

Open My Consciousness

So That I Am Flooded In The Starlight

With Your Perception

May Our Eyes Be As One Eye

And The Steady Pulse In My Brow

Be A Reminder 

That You Are Always With Me

These words were written after an extraordinary light experience and can act as a divine light transmission. It was published in my book of prayers, Unquenchable Spiritual Fire. First edition books are available on www.infinitelightpublishing.com. This is a limited edition and I believe only a few are left in stock. 

I will write a personal prayer or light message for those who purchase a book and would like something special for themselves or a loved one. Many blessings, Ayn

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