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Ayn's Newsletter - What Are Ghosts?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Dear --

The topic of the newsletters so far have been on illumination and the colorful nature of our consciousness. What of the energies that are not entirely luminous? What happens to them? Many people have asked me about ghosts, so let's explore the world where form meets the formless.

I give Awareness Sessions and have for the past 22 years. I always feel so honored when I have the chance to sit with someone and feel into their unfolding consciousness, their life purpose and mission, and their ancestral lineage. I resisted doing reading for many years because it simply seemed so natural. Over time I realized that certain people have developed the ability to see or feel beyond the mundane levels of reality as we know it, other people can see when prompted and some do not believe in anything. I always liked what John of God says, "For those who believe no words are necessary and for those who do not believe no words are enough." 

Sometimes when a person comes for a session, they do not pick their color combinations but instead another chooses through them. We might call this person a ghost, other people use the word entity. It is usually a deceased ancestor or relative that has not moved on. There is a particular line up that helps me see when a person is stuck and has not made their way to the light. There can be several reasons for this but usually they have unresolved business, others are lost or confused. During our sessions we help them resolve what is troubling them and help them find their way back Home. People often report that they feel happier and more aligned after their ancestors have found peace.

Most ghosts were people who experienced something traumatic or upsetting that they never quite came to terms with and so they become stuck. They tend to scare people because they are not fully aligned with the divine light, but most ghosts simply need help moving on. It is not odd and there is nothing to be frightened of for the entire universe loves and cares for all of its children. We can help those we love and care for those in need. If you think a ghost needs help then write their name down on a piece of paper (if you know it) and place a crystal on the paper under a lamp that you will leave on until the energy clears. Ask the divine light to come and help this person and take them Home again. You may also want to tell this being that they have a beautiful place in the Afterlife waiting for them. Positive words and prayers are powerful and can demonstrate more than we truly know. The key is to be compassionate with all forms of life and to fill all things with our love. More often than not the spirit will feel  irresistibly drawn to the light and will find love again.

Children are particularly sensitive to spirits and can claim that they are too frightened to sleep. I would say that this is real and that a shield of protection needs to be placed around intuitive and open children. It is fun and easy to do:


We simply put a quartz crystal in each corner of the room and before we go to sleep each night we place a drop of the Violet or Lilac Awareness Essence or a drop of juniper or lavender essential oil on each of the four crystals. We call upon our angels and helping spirits to be with us as we sleep and we weave a luminous and wholesome shield over the child's room. I like to call upon the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. Adults have shields in place, but children are still forming theirs and this helps them feel loved and safe for life. If we have experienced trauma or feel upset this is a good practice for us also as we mend our light shields. Before sleep and upon waking, ask the divine light to lead, guide, direct and protect you and your lineage now and forever.

Much love & light,


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