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Ayn's Newsletter - Orange Blossoms In Ojai

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Dear --

May has arrived and in Ojai the smell of orange blossoms permeates the valley with sweetness. It reminds me to be grateful for my life, for my health, for my friends and for all the gifts that I am continually given. Each breath is a blessing and remembering this I see my life in a new way.

Today I am aware of an even greater light and I wish to know this Presence even more fully and completely. Take a moment to read this prayer from my book Unquenchable Spiritual Fire:


Dear Radiant One

Please Help Me Remember The Star

That Resides In The Center Of My Being

For This Is My Connection To You

And All Of The Brilliancy Of Existence

Please Bring To My Mind

The Understanding And Deep Wisdom

That All People Are Celestial Beings

Walking This Plane Of Existence

Some Have Forgotten Their Way

And Others Recall Who They Are

Assist Me In Seeing Myself And All People Clearly

For In Truth We Are All Shining Suns

Thank You

I invite you to turn to someone today and tell them, "I love you, thank you for loving me!" Say it with conviction and see what happens. You might even wish to repeat the words a few times. In a single moment we can shift our realities to that of love and then we become lights upon this world.

Many blessings now and always,


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