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Ayn's Newsletter - Lighting Up Ojai

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Dear -- 

Standing in my yard this morning and breathing in the fragrance of the blossoming flowers, I was filled with delight and inspiration. A paradigm shift occurs within us when we switch our focus from our personal stories and complexities, and turn our attention instead to the gifts we are offered in every moment. Try saying this prayer to the world:

I fill all flowers with my love.

I fill all trees with my love.

I fill the sky with my love.

I fill all stars with my love.

I fill all animals with my love.

I fill all people with my love.

I love and appreciate all life.

I am grateful.

Thank you for my life.

My husband and I hosted Howard Wills this week for an amazing light filled adventure in Ojai, California. I was so busy with the hundreds of people who came to the events that I was not able to post a newsletter last week and I hope this one is so inspiring that both weeks will be covered here!

We began at the Evergreen Wellness center where we explored the effect of prayer on the body by taking digital x-rays. The results were astonishing. We actually saw the regeneration of the spine after five minutes of prayer. I posted the photos on my Facebook page: Ayn Cates Sullivan. Send me a friend request if you would like to see them.

Wednesday evening we went to a beautiful space that is dedicated to light work called Healing In America. I appreciate this center and its co-founders Roger Ford and his beautiful wife Kim Vincent who train people to use their own inherent abilities to heal themselves. The space is filled with positive vibrations, which naturally supported Howard's work. The event was eventually standing room only and people reported very positive light experiences and relief of pain and suffering.

The next two gatherings were held at the Ojai Foundation. This natural setting is another place that supports the unfoldment of our true nature. Friday evening was a lively and entertaining exploration of the effects of words, and the often profound impact of subtle vibrations. Even thinking a simple word such as "Yes" has a positive impact on our bodies, minds and spirits. The Saturday night event was mostly in silence. I could sense the effect Howard's prayers had on me as my body made spontaneous adjustments and my heart opened more fully to the light. This was one of the most powerful and yet challenging evenings because we were sitting in our own process without the easy distraction of conversation. The energy was similar to what I experienced at John of God's Casa de Dom Ignatio in Brazil.

The final event took place last night in our home and was perhaps my favorite gathering. The people who came were curious, open and loving, which always makes the process so much easier. I had a sense of being fully with a vast presence that loves us beyond all understanding. Many others also shared their light activation experiences.

As I integrate this deeply transformational week I am filled with gratitude for the support of all of my friends and family, for having the opportunity and time to witness many so miracles and radiant smiles, and for the deep love I feel in this moment for all that is.

Howard Wills is doing a few more gatherings and I believe there are still some private sessions in Los Angeles. We hope he will return to Ojai in the autumn. His website is: 

Many blessings as you go forward into your week.



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