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Ayn's Newsletter - Basic Goodness

Updated: Jul 20, 2020


No matter what happens in the world, it is healthy to remember our inner goodness and light. Each morning when I wake up I am positioned so I can see the rising sun and can invite the light coming through the window to stay with me throughout the day. At night I make sure to go outside and connect to the light of the stars and the moon. We can't just expect to be led, guided, directed and protected, we have to ask our angels to be with us at all times. The prayers that we send out into the world matter. So, please remember to send words of comfort and care to all people at this time. We cannot always control the events in our lives, but we can respond with consciousness and awareness. There is much complexity in the world right now, and perhaps the most powerful choice we can make is inner peace. 


Many folktales remind us of the Silver Thread that links us to our Starline.

Every night when we dream we follow our Starline

back to the light that fills us with life.

This silver thread offers us what we need to live another day. 

Touch the back of your neck,

just beneath your skull

and find the little indentation.

Feel for a very subtle pulse.

If you close your eyes and sense your energy field for a moment

you might discover the Silver Thread or cord

that is with you throughout your life.

When you return to spirit

you will follow it home to your original source.

As we live into the fullness of our lives here on earth,

the Starline fills us with inspiration, possibilities and hope.

Any time something challenging or traumatic happens,

remember to touch your thread and feel your link to eternity.

The essence of who you are cannot be harmed, for your light never dies.

My illustrator, Belle duCray, and I visited Paris this year to receive a book award. Paris is such an incredible city, filled with art, beauty and culture. To me it represents liberty, intelligence, equality, freedom of thought and choice. These are some of the qualities that I love most about western civilization. They are worth defending and it is our divine right to do so. Yet it is not wise to react to terror with terror, for then we have lost what we most treasure. Yes we need to establish boundaries to protect what we hold dear. I believe in the basic goodness of humanity. We can collectively reach solutions that defend the greatest qualities of human beings, which include love, compassion, creativity, kindness, generosity and care. Together we can come up with ideas that work for good people everywhere. Let's choose peace.

This year I've been working on a new book called "Legends of the Grail: Voices of Goddesses, Heroines and Ladies of the Lake." This is a collection of empowering Celtic tales for adults, which is due to be published in early 2016. Belle duCray has completed some amazing illustrations to accompany each story. Each character is connected to the world of Tir Na mBan, the land of women, and brings forth a specific quality or capacity that enhances life. It seems to me that the divine feminine needs to have more of a voice on the planet. (Now before anyone complains too much, I'm already writing volume two which contains many stories of Celtic Gods and Heroes. As we incorporate the positive aspects of the feminine, it is only natural that we wish to understand the positive qualities of the masculine also.)

One thing I love about each of these characters is that while all of them find themselves in a difficult situation (Elaine has to stand in a boiling pool for five years awaiting the arrival of a knight), they all learn from the challenges presented to them and make empowering choices. They remind us that although we might have made poor choices in the past, we can learn and become more authentic and empowered than ever before. It's exciting to see the book in its final stages. 

I believe in the basic goodness of humanity. As we release ourselves from our own stories of pain and suffering, as we come together to support what is best in all people, the shadows have less of a hold on us. It takes courage to live with an open mind and heart. A true heroine chooses love over fear, peace over war, generosity over scarcity. She also knows how to defend herself and where to be in the world and at what time.

Pictured below is the ever creative Belle duCray with a spread of the newest illustrations. She has brought these ancient magical Goddesses back to life. These stories can act as lighthouses during a storm, for the heroines in the pages know how to walk through shadows into the light of their own unique destiny. If they can do it, so can we! Peace be upon us.

Love & Blessings,

Ayn Cates Sullivan

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