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Ayn`s Newsletter - Audio for "Shapeshifter" from Legends of the Grail


Brigid seeks the ancient Cailleach

+ Ancient Stories for a New Earth

The teleconference on Tuesday "Tools for Welcoming in the New Earth" was delightful. Thank you to all of the people from around the world who joined the call. Mirabai Devi and I spoke about the emerging energies of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess, as well as the importance of staying in the present moment. We discussed the practices of sensing, looking and listening: sensing our bodies, being aware of the world around us, and taking time to listen to others. These practices seem simple and yet with a looming election, the pipeline controversy, issues with vaccines, and the droughts, fires and storms we are enduring right now, as well as personal issues, we need to remember to place our hands on our bellies and trust that everything is okay right now in this moment. All we are required to do is place one foot in front of the other and live one moment at a time. There is a loving intelligence that is with us always. We just need to remember to close our eyes, breathe, open our hearts and receive the source of love and wisdom that cares for us almost beyond belief.

During the teleconference I read a story from my latest book that will be coming out in 2017 called "Legends of the Grail." This story, called "The Shapeshifter," is about the Goddess of Springtime known as Brigid who goes to look for one of the most ancient Goddesses of all known as the Caileach (pronounced "Coy-luck"). She is the Celtic Gaia, an embodied expression of the Earth. I love this story because it reminds us that we all arise out of the same source. Brigid learns that we truly are all one. It is a tale of adventure and acceptance, reminding us that we will continue to live far into the future.

There were people on the call from as far away as India, across Britain, Europe and the United States. The story was followed by a visualization in which the listener was taken into a sacred place to find their special color, a meaningful word and a vision of the future.

The conference line was curiously fuzzy during the call. We did discuss that Oct 31-Nov 2 is a time when the voices of ancestors can be heard, so who knows why curious conversations were going on! It's a mystery. We had to laugh because it was outside of our control. Afterwards, Mirabai Devi and I decided to re-record the story and visualization.

The second recording is much more clear and I hope people will enjoy listening to one of the great lullabies of the Earth and also follow the visualization, which is designed to personalize the experience of meeting the Goddess. On the MP3 file, I read the story "The Shapeshifter" and Mirabai Devi reads the visualization while giving a Light transmission. I enjoyed hearing her and receiving the Light transmission the second time around. Mirabai is always such a joy to work with and a great Light on the planet.

Thank you once again to all the people who are supporting the positive and life affirming energies of the New Earth. Together we can make an enormous difference!

To hear the story of the Cailleach and hear Mirabai Devi reading the visualization and to receive the Light transmission, please go to my website and download the MP3 file. "The Shapeshifter" is meant for an adult audience:

Follow this link for the MP3 file (audio) of the story of Brigid and the Cailleach from "Legends of the Grail" by Ayn Cates Sullivan with a visualization and light transmission by Mirabai Devi:


+The Living Landscape

Last February I was able to visit some sacred sites, stone circles and cairns in Ireland. My husband took this photo of me emerging from a cairn at Loughcrew. When I tap into the stories of the living landscape, such as the story of the Caileach, I emerge feeling a sense of rebirth. The ancient stories connect us with a source of energy and strength that is extremely life affirming.

I encourage you to remember the folklore of our ancestors, so that you too find the sustenance for a healthy and fulfilled life. You can also listen to "A Story of Becoming" and the story of the Mother Goddess "Danu" on my audio link:

May this be a time of plenty, sharing and gratitude for the living Earth, May humanity respect the religions and traditions of all people and return to peace.



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