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Ayn's Newsletter - Be A Light Upon The World

Dear --

If we see ourselves as brightly burning candles offering our light to the world, we might wonder what happens once the wick has burned itself out. If you close your eyes for a moment you might sense it! We become a part of the greater eternal light. This is a new renaissance of light. It's time to remember that we are made of star dust and nothing-- no war, or radiation, or disease-- can destroy our light.

The media is full of terrible news, but let's remember that there are two main energies on earth: the positive which is life affirming and the negative which is related to death and disease. We have free will so in every moment we get to choose which energy we are aligned with. We need to master life on the material plane and stop pretending that we are helpless victims, when the opposite is much closer to the truth. Our thoughts, our words and our deeds and the thoughts, words and deeds of our ancestors are creating our realities all the time. When we shift to gratitude, then grace can come into our lives.

Sometimes events happen that seem unfair. I woke up last night feeling a great deal of despair, which is an unusual feeling for me. I got up and asked my inner guidance what was causing the feeling and I had the image of a woman who kept putting drinking glasses into cabinets and the moment they were placed on the shelves holes would appear in them. She was crying and asking why this was happening to her. In the dream I made peace for her lineage and light filled the glasses instead.

This morning I had an email from a friend who said she had been evicted from her home and was feeling terribly lost. We spoke and put it all in perspective. I reminded her even though she might feel displaced that she must listen to her inner wisdom and flow with it. When we try to cling onto a situation that has become stagnant and negative we are refusing to trust the flow of the universe. We might even be resisting the beautiful gifts the divine light is offering us. The good news is always around us and pure love always guides us home.

I apologize for the delay in newsletters. I was hosting numerous events for light workers and the writing simply had to wait. Several hundred people came to see Howard Wills and Mirabai Devi in person and hundreds more are now watching the Evolution Revolution television shows. It is so fun to be part of an Infinite Light team! If you ever get tired of standing in the darkness, just switch on the light! It's as simple as lighting a candle and pulling the light of the flame into your heart!

Many blessings,


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