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Ayn's Newsletter - Connect To Your Light And Live Into Your Dreams

Dear --

There are people who say, "Spirituality doesn't have any scientific basis. I don't believe in the Light." I'm always puzzled by those words, yet we must have compassion because generally these are people who are in deep suffering. The only response I can think of is what John of God tells people as he continues to work miracles despite all odds:

"For those who do not believe, no words are enough.

For those who do believe, no words are necessary."


Close your eyes for a moment and connect with the loving light

that burns within you like a star.

You can locate it two finger widths below your navel

and two finger widths inside.

Spend a moment breathing into this star

and feel its loving response to you.

At your command it can

rise up through your heart and can crown you in a flame of awareness.

This inner light is the part of you that is eternal

and that will never fade.

You can trust your inner star,

for it is your brilliancy.

In a world of wild weather and change,

we need to remember this star that burns ever so brightly.

If we can remember before rising out of bed each morning

to breathe at least three times into this star,

we can align our movement with the intelligent light that never fades.

When we are connected to our loving light

we are a gift to this world.


A wonderful confirmation came this week when my latest book for children of all ages, A Story of Becoming, was given a Seal of Approval by Literary Classics. That was immediately followed by news that it had won the Children's Division of the Great Southeast Book Festival and was given an honorable mention in the adult Spiritual division of the Los Angeles Book Awards. It truly is a story for children of all ages! Illustrator Belle duCray and I will go and receive the award on Saturday. It's always great after working hard for two years, after walking in every bookstore I see in the USA and Europe and presenting the books, to have someone say, "Well done." That's all we really need to get our energy and enthusiasm up to finish "Legends of the Grail," which we hope to have out by late summer.

How wonderful it is when we can take a deep breath, connect to our light, fully embody on earth and live into our dreams. Isn't that what it's all about?

Much love and many blessings,


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