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Ayn's Newsletter - Happy Holidays And Blessings For 2014

Dear   -- 

This has been a year filled with grace and countless blessings. We have made so many friends around the world and continue to meet like minded others. Thank all of you for the support, the laughter and for simply being who you are!

We feel inspired to send an invocation out to all of our light worker friends and family. Click here ​to view this beautiful card with an Angel Invocation by Ayn Cates Sullivan, channelings by David Hamilton Nichols and artwork by Lucinda Rae Kinch.

The prayer is designed to lead, guide, direct and protect you and your family now for forever. If you love it you can also download it and keep it as a free ebook to refer to at any time:

Many blessings for the holidays and may 2014 be filled with peace, love , happiness, health and prosperity for all.

Love and Blessings,

Ayn, John Patrick, William and Kathryn & The Infinite Light Publishing Team

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