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Ayn's Newsletter - Honoring Japan And Asia Through Poetry

Dear --

In the wake of world events, I have been attempting to come up with poems or prayers that address the changes that are taking place. So many people have just left our earth and those who are sensitive feel the trauma as if their souls have been torn. How do we find words to begin to help?

I am reminded of a poem by Thich Nhat Hanh that was written after his village was destroyed:

I hold my face in my two hands.

No, I am not crying.

I hold my face in my two hands

To keep my loneliness warm--

Two hands protecting,

Two hands nourishing,

Two hands preventing

My soul from leaving me...

--by Thich Nhat Hanh

It is so important at this time to stay present. To look at the world around us with respect and to fill everything with our love. Every interaction we have with another human being is important. Even smiling at a person in the grocery store might have more healing power than we may realize. Our prayers, thoughts and actions can impact others who are suffering.

Take time to notice nature, even a brief pause to observe a sunset is a way in which we can honor the earth and all the sentient beings who live so delicately upon her. Even better paint a picture or write a poem and share it! Music, arts and poetry nourish the anima mundi, or world soul.

I have written an article entitled "Honoring Japan Through Poetry" that will appear next week in Lightworker's World. Today I leave you with three beautiful haiku from Japanese masters:

Along the sea-shore

Fall the waves, fall and hiss

Fall and hiss.

-Hirose Izen

In the dawn

whales roaring:

A frosty sea.

-Kato Gyodai

The old pond;

The sound-of-a-frog


by Basho

Many blessings to Japan and all of Asia. May all beings be led, guided, directed and protected during this time of change and transformation.

With love,


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