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Ayn's Newsletter - Inspiration From The Rosary Miracle

Dear --

Peacemaking is the secret to good health. When each day becomes a living prayer then we are led, guided, directed and protected. The key is in becoming receptive to the loving consciousness that surrounds us. Humans are feeling beings and it is really our heart that cares for our bodies. To be healthy and to have a successful life we need to create a sweet and gentle environment that surrounds us like a bubble. We want to engage with others with warmth and understanding whenever possible, because in truth all people are dear.

We also want to be protected like the Jesuit missionaries doing their morning prayers on August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima Japan who were within a one-mile radius of where the A-Bomb was detonated. While everything else in the area was destroyed, these eight Jesuits all survived and lived healthy and long lives with no radiation sickness or other observable maladies. They were interviewed several times and scientists have never been able to figure out why they survived such destruction. This event has been called the Rosary Miracle. What we start to understand is that words do matter, especially in the form of prayer and affirmation. Sincere prayer is more powerful than an A-Bomb!

When we pray what we are doing is asking to be led by a vast intelligence. We are part of this greater light and there are many spiritual beings who are willing to assist us. All we have to do is ask and help comes. We can relax and ask the divine light to show us the way. The challenge is that we are so hardwired with beliefs and opinions that sometimes we forget to leave room for the mystery. We don't have to plan our lives or engage in negative future fantasy. We can let go of our need to control and arrive exactly where we are meant to be.

I want to invite you to explore the stories you tell about yourself and your life including your family dynamic and consider opening up to the possibility that your thoughts, words and deeds impact your health, relationships, career, success, the life you are living and the world around you. When you take a bit of time and actually listen to your words you might decide to make a shift toward humility, gratitude, reverence, respect and love. As we shift, so does the world.

Our latest book for children of all ages, Sparkle & The Light, (book 2 in the series) is now available through my website and select bookstores. It begins with young Sparkle feeling rather out of sorts. Luckily she has a wise grandm other who teaches her how to become aligned and congruent once again. Belle Crow duCray has created more colorful hand drawn illustrations for each page. It warms my heart to see Sparkle and the entire cast of characters come to life. I feel Belle's talent blossoms even more with each book. The second story in the book is about Ella, who has a curious gift that she has to come to terms with in order to fulfill her destiny. Awareness Magazine wrote: " The story is unusual and joyful and the illustrations charming and unique. This enchanting book will be a treasured favorite for children and adults." You can order from: We are always thrilled when orders come in and even happier when people write back with their own light-filled stories.

Many blessings,


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