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Ayn's Newsletter - It Is Time To Restore The Goddess And Heal The Land

Hi ,

In Arthurian legend the wasteland arrives when the feminine has been dishonored. The knights and otherworldly woman must quest for The Grail. This story first appears in 5th Century AD and has continued to live on. The tales are told differently depending on the age, but the archetypal figures remain the same. King Arthur represents the good king who maintains the land. Merlin is the magical one who is still in touch with an undying presence and overarching vision. The queen Guinevere has gone through many revisions generally becoming weaker over time as the feminine has been systematically removed and undermined in all areas of life. This comes as a loss to all of humankind. It is time to restore the goddess within us so the land may thrive again. This is true for both men and women. When the divine feminine is restored we will enter a new renaissance of light and life.

In the earliest 5th Century myth arising out of Celtic origin, Guinevere is one with the land. She is the one who inherits the round table and who ever marries her becomes king. Guinevere and Arthur are more intertwined than some storytellers will have us believe. Her love affair with Lancelot appears in later stories and is perhaps told to undermine the queen. It is easy to shame another by accusing them of sexual indiscretion. Women can be controlled and subjugated easily in this way. Yet we need to call Guinevere out of her tower. We need to call Merlin out of his cave of ice and ask that the land be restored with their wisdom and magic once again. It is an archetypal calling. In effect we are calling on our own noble masculine (Arthur), the empowerment of our feminine energies (Guinevere) and the magical light that lives within us and sustains us though out all ages.

Illustrator and artist, Belle Crow duCray etched Howard Wills' "The Ultimate Prayer For Humanity" inside an otherworldly and enchanting Chalice or Sangraal. This is an artist's vision of the sacred cup that inspired the knights of the round table to undertake their quest and still arouses our curiosity even in this modern day. To me the cup represents the wisdom of Sophia and the life affirming qualities of the divine feminine

The Chalice reminds us that we are more powerful than we realize. We can call upon her when the land is barren or in crisis. It is critical that we learn to live in alignment with all of life. Sometimes the Grail is shown with rainbow lights emerging from her core. Color is one of the languages of the divine feminine. So one thing we can do is send gentle rainbow light across the parched California lands and imagine rain sustaining our earth. We can contact the devas and nearly invisible beings that love the earth and ask them to calm the storms that rage now in so many regions. We can ask for help in clearing our oceans. We have entered the Aquarian Age and therefore need to understand that what happens to one of us effects us all.

We need to shift collectively toward what sustains and supports our world. I often write about the power of prayer and positive intention. Our thoughts, words and deeds impact life much more than most realize. Send loving thoughts to all of creation. That is one of the most powerful movements you can make as a co-creator and steward of earth. Just whisper to the earth over and over like a mantra:

"I love you, thank you for loving me.

I love you, thank you for loving me.

I love you, thank you for loving me."

Infinite Light Publishing will be at the Conscious Life Expo February 7-9 booth 406 in the International Ballroom. I will be giving a lecture on the power of story telling on February 8th at 8pm using our colorful essences to explain the language of our soul. For a private reading contact Copies of the Chalice image will also be available.

May the divine feminine return and the world be blessed. May all beings thrive!

Love & blessings,


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