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Ayn's Newsletter - Loving Water, Exploring The Abundant Earth

Dear --

We are in a time of great change, of shift and awakening. Our cells are filling with light, our minds are evolving, and we need to stay very attuned to where we need to be at any given moment. One wonderful thing about human beings is that we are incredibly creative and resourceful! Curiosity opens us up to new realities. When we inquire into the nature of existence, we can tap our own personal brilliancy. When we face life with open curiosity, the intelligence of True Nature can respond to us, -- lead, guide, direct and protect us.


It is good to go outside at night when the business of the day has slowed and the stars have begun to weave their pulses around our souls pulling us back to the world of spirit where we recharge with dreams. Before we walk down our silver paths, we can pause and ask to remember where we go and the spirits who lovingly walk with us. In these sacred moments we can ask our inner guidance to show us clearly where we are supposed to be, with which friends and when. The loving wisdom of our True Nature understands the pulses and rhythms of our lives. Often we are only shown one piece at a time, so that we will not be overwhelmed by the multi-dimensional levels that are constantly flowing in and around us. Remember, we are cared for beyond belief!

Last year, after watching the alder and willow trees wither and crumble along what used to be our creek bed, my husband and I went on a quest for water. Anyone who lives in California or reads the news is aware that there is a serious drought. Although we have done ceremonies to call upon the water elementals known as undines, it seems that there is now a veil that keeps us apart. Every day there are headlines suggesting that the drought is a cycle that will be with us for some time to come. For a while I began to feel sad, yet the land I was sitting upon seemed rich in seeds which patiently await a time in which the rains will return.

Feeling the natural abundance that is the true nature of earth gave me hope. We must remember that we are co-creators. If nature is changing, then we must also shift so that we may thrive in this new era. Technology may offer some solutions. There are desalinization plants that are being built in Santa Barbara and other areas, and there are still some wells that are filled with water. However, we need to remember that these underground water reserves can be quickly depleted. Clearly we must stop fracking, and limit the water we use to green our lawns and golf courses. We need to create drought resistant yards and gardens, and choose to end to waste. We need to remember that we are largely made of water, and that water is our dear friend. And - some of us might need to find new lands that are more supportive of human life.


Where in the world do we go? Two years ago my husband and I decided to explore the Rocky Mountains. Colorado's high peaks are filled with dynamic vistas, water, life force and spiritual energies. There is something about mountains that uplifts my soul and invites me to look to the stars, to the moon as she changes and to feel the pulse of the natural world. We need to remember that we are breathed in every moment into existence. The fact that we are here is no accident. We are held at all times in a deeply loving embrace.


Last year John Patrick and I spent the autumn in New England enjoying the sea coast of Maine with its many islands. As we ventured inland into the White Mountains, we felt the cool breezes that kissed the trees at night and watched as the changing leaves became alive with a riot of color. My husband and I spent several weeks walking along paths that wound through the lake district of New Hampshire. There are some who say that the Druids once inhabited these lands.

We drank the fresh healing water and celebrated the harvest moon rising over Lake Winnipesaukee. My son and I even met a sleepy water snake that we fondly nicknamed Barney who was enjoying the last bit of warmth by Willard Pond in New Hampshire. The woods there are thick with foliage and the hills run with water in the summer and autumn. We made our way through the gentle Green Mountains of Vermont, to the youthful and culturally alive city of Burlington VT. The blustery chill that skated across Lake Champlain was a reminder that New England in the winter becomes becomes a white wonderland.


I had a deep desire to travel back to the Appalachian Mountains which I knew and loved as a child. We arrived just in time to see the red and golden leaves and their first sprinkling of snow and frost. There are some wise ones who say that the old dragon (energy) lines are waking up. The Smoky Mountains have particularly come on line, and we very nearly decided to move to the Asheville, North Carolina area. We have been told it is a wonderful place for writers and artists to live. There is plenty of pure water flowing out of the mountains. This land is sacred to the Cherokee, and to others who know that these mountains are the most ancient on earth. Let's protect our water, our mountains and forests, for all beings need clean air, pure water and pristine earth.


In October we were called to Portland, Oregon which was surprisingly sunny and warm. I particularly enjoyed Powells's Bookstore (the largest bookstore in the United States… and yes, they carry the Sparkle series!). There is a youthful and vibrant art scene in the Pearl District. The horses in the area enjoy the green grass and there is much open land to explore. Once again we appreciated the flowing rivers and the abundance of water.


The point is that we have a vast country that is filled with lakes, rivers and streams. We, as a global family, share a vast and abundant world. We have plenty of resources. What is required is a shift in consciousness. We are meant to be stewards of this earth. Those who came before us knew how to tap into the elementals, the spirits of earth, water, air and fire. Technology can help us relate globally, and it can also disconnect us from the world around us. If you look at most young people these days they are so busy texting they hardly have time to speak to anyone. That seems to be one of the real tragedies of their generation. We need to strive for a healthy balance between nature and technology, so that we can work harmoniously with both. The light that we seek is within us, yet it is wonderful that we can connect with each other through the internet. The water that we thirst for is plentiful-- if we care for it properly. It is in our best interest to realize that we are part of a sensitive and alive world.

I encourage you to think about the area in which you live and feel into the changes that are occurring there. Are you growing your own food, and do you have a well or access to a well? This is a time to be resourceful and sustainable. I ask not out of fear, but because it is a sensible way to live.

What is your source of water? What is your source of food?

Where is your place in the community?

I hope readers will write in and share their favorite watery places. In April I will make my way back to the United Kingdom, and will send news from the Well.

Love and grace,


I encourage you to listen to Her Terms Telesummit. Follow this link:

Ayn Cates Sullivan-

Grail Legend: A Quest To Discover & Awaken the Qualities of Our Soul

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