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Ayn's Newsletter - Paris, City of light

Dear --

People sometimes ask me where I get the inspiration for my books. In truth, they are often messages that come during times of need. I wrote the first draft of A Story of Becoming when I was going through a divorce and I wanted my children and everyone involved in our family dynamic to understand that although change happens we can be made stronger by it. Although the sapling is eaten by deer, struck by lightning and eventually dug up and studied, none of these events prevent her from becoming who she is meant to become. In fact, all of her experiences led her to becoming deeper, stronger and more of a miracle.

After a great deal of forgiveness and integration, our family learned how to divide, regroup and live harmoniously and lovingly with one another. I am good friends with my ex-husband and his partner, and I believe we co-parent our son with true devotion. I sometimes confuse people by carrying my former husband's children around on my hips. Because we couldn't find a term that refers to an ex-wife who loves the children of the next wife, I'm fondly referred to as "Tia." 

The point is that A Story of Becoming is a tale that helps us walk through what we think we cannot endure. I did not want to divorce, and yet that is what happened. I lived on, remarried and am happier than ever before. My kids realized that sometimes relationships change and if they find themselves in a situation where a friendship ends or transforms into something else, they know that the seed of light that exists inside of them is much stronger than anything else they might encounter on the outside. 

Belle Crow duCray spent two years drawing incredible illustrations that really brought the book to life. It is now both visual and written poetry. The book was launched early this year and has already received seven awards including top honors with Children's Literary Classics, Mom's Choice and an honorable mention in the adult spiritual section of the Los Angeles Book Awards. Bookstores across the USA and in the UK display the book in both the self-help and children's sections.

We were division winners of the Great Southeast Book Festival and most recently won children's division of the Paris Book Awards. Belle Crow duCray and I are flying to France this week to receive the award. Bringing the book to the world took many years, but now looking at the bronze cover we both realize that we have been the mid-wives to a literary classic.

Please celebrate with us on Facebook by liking A Story of Becoming. We will be posting photos from Paris, the City of Light.

Many blessings,


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