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Ayn's Newsletter - Peace In The New Era Of Light

Dear --

We are living in a new era of light and awareness. The world around us is changing rapidly and to match this increase in intensity it is wise to follow a constant practice of awareness and gratitude for the beauty and blessings that constantly surround us. Our lives become full when we choose to fully live into and enjoy each moment.

I am visiting London now and am noticing many changes taking place in this city that operates on so many levels. When I am in California I begin to lose track of the rest of the world, which can actually be very pleasant and useful for spiritual advancement in the early stages. When I am in London, I usually enjoy catching up on world news. Right now I am very aware of civil unrest and racial tension. London is a melting pot of cultures. I am having the experience of feeling like a minority here. When terrorists strike they win if we choose fear over love. When we find ourselves in times of turmoil it is important to remember that we are eternal beings and our time here is both short and full of growth opportunities. The Celtic warriors were not afraid of death and would die on their feet because they knew they would return. We might leave a body but no one ever dies, we simply go through a series of metamorphoses. Of course harming yourself or another is incorrect, and we do have the right to defend ourselves. No matter what has happened to us or to those in our lineage, we can free ourselves when we forgive ourselves and all people. That doesn't mean that what occurred is all right, but when we forgive we shake off the burdens and begin anew. It is good to practice a daily forgiveness ritual especially during time of great change. When we truly forgive, we burn our suffering, illness and sorrow. It is then that we can truly begin to live. When we are wide awake and present to each moment then we can find the blessings that are inherent in the world around us! Here is a poem from my book Three Days In The Light, which is also sung on Maria Cristina's CD "From The Heart."


Mother Father God, Infinite One

Please Help Me Remember Who I Am

Please Lead Me From Darkness

To The Truth Of Who I Am

Please Hold And Accept Me

Until I Remember That I Am Love

Thank You

Three Days In The Light and "From The Heart" can be ordered on my website: or directly from Amazon.

May your days be filled with Light and Peace.

Many blessings,


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