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Ayn's Newsletter - Sparkle & The Light Arrives In August!

Dear --

Yay! The next book in our Sparkle series, Sparkle and the Light, is at the printers and we are scheduled to have the first books in mid-August with a pub date in September. We are gearing up for some fun book readings this autumn. I always love the days we can spend together as a community reading stories that are dear to our hearts. Email me if you want to come to one of the gatherings or if you would like to organize an event!

In this new book Sparkle wakes up feeling somewhat disconnected and her wise grandmother Izzy shows her what to do to realign with her light once again.

Grandmother Izzy then tells a tale of a young girl by the name of Ella (with a surprising twist) who has been given a special gift. When she becomes curious a light shines from her forehead. The kids at school notice she is different and taunt her. At first Ella tries to hide her light but over time she realizes that what makes her unusual is also the gift she is meant to share with humanity. 

Sparkle & The Light is a book for children of all ages. We are taking pre-orders now on or email me directly at

Much Love,


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