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Ayn's Newsletter - The Infinite Light Team

Dear --

Three years ago Howard Wills opened the door to the Light for me and this body-mind complex dissolved into a Cosmic Intelligence that knows us and loves us. This Intelligence understands how every blade of grass unfurls, how everything comes into the physical world and passes back into the void, it supports and maintains us with love and wisdom. This energy wishes to share and wants to be known. We all open to the Light differently according to our wishes, beliefs, family patterns and the communities in which we live. I was so touched by this experience that I have wished to share it with as many people as possible. I have also noticed that sharing it is not as simple as it would seem.

Over the past twenty-two years I have organized and hosted healing events in southern California as well as a few national and international groups. I have led many, and I have also encouraged other talented people to come and share their brilliancy. The focus has been to bring greater light to the community. Beautiful blessings have come to many people as a result. Being part of an Infinite Light team has filled my life with incredible grace and also a variety of challenges. I acknowledge and accept these as growth opportunities and attempt to stay as curious about the places that are blissful as the places that are not.

September and October were busy months for me. Hundreds of people came to meet Howard Wills and Mirabai Devi. It was enormous fun and I learned an incredible amount. Now that these Light Beings have moved on to another town, I am speaking to people who wonder what comes next. How is it that we continue to kindle that inner Light? Actually, I believe the question is how can we melt the structures that keep us from feeling and living in the Infinite Light all the time? For me I know it has to do with being a completely authentic human being and living in relationship with others with openness and vulnerability.

Whenever we turn our face back to the Divine Light something good takes place even if we do not yet see or feel the results, because anytime we touch the Light we learn and grow. In my three days in the light I was shown that every human being is incredibly beautiful. We are all colorful rainbow beings, perfect expressions of the divine. During our human experience we are allowed to experience the opposite of our true nature so that we yearn for it again. When we invite the Light back into our consciousness it comes to us like a lover with the sweetest touch imaginable.

The bliss that comes with the Light is like an embrace that knows no end. The love is so staggeringly beautiful that once we have melted into it all we want to do is share the nectar. When people say to me that they don't feel it or can't believe it, I am often surprised and wonder how that could be. It's like describing colors to someone who is blind. We know the colors are real, but how can we describe an essence that is really beyond words? All we can really do is hint at it and encourage others to seek their own inner light so they too will one day know the peace that passes all understanding.

After my light experience I returned knowing that God is real and is my closest friend. There is never an instant when I do not feel the intelligent flow of life in and around me. I am not God, but part of that greater intelligence that loves us all beyond belief. We are all part of this great flame. When I share my stories I hear tales of other people's awakenings, so my sense is that hundreds of thousands of people are awakening now on the planet. This is an exciting time to be alive.

Sparkle & The Light will officially launch on November 4th. We will have a party at Maggie's Restaurant (decorated by Belle Crow duCray, the illustrator of the Sparkle books) from 2-4pm at 1201 State Street in Santa Barbara followed by a short reading and book signing a block away at Paradise Found, 17 East Anapamu Street from 5-6pm. I hope family and friends will all come and support this new renaissance of light.

I would love for people send me or tell me stories of how they shine and how they have helped another sparkle! Let's pass the light forward!

Love & blessings,


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