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Ayn's newsletter - The Quest For The Holy Grail

Dear --

I had a vision a few months ago of storytelling in sacred environments, and so I followed the guidance to a place where the wind caresses the trees and the air is filled with life affirming moisture. Walking on land that is rich in myth and poetry calls forth voices that seem to live in and around the landscape. The messages are not in the rocks, the water or the hills exactly, they are discovered between places that are familiar to us. I’m writing this newsletter from England while I prepare to return to the United States after an extraordinary journey.

Others who were interested in exploring Grail legends joined me. Our international group was from Germany, Canada, Scotland, England and the United States. There was a harmonious balance between men and woman. We gathered in Glastonbury, the spiritual center of England. There is a Goddess Temple that still honors the ancient ways, and so it seemed a perfect place to read stories of heroines from my new book that will be released soon called, "Legends of the Grail."

The quest for the Holy Grail is the predominant myth that lives in the western psyche. The Grail, Chalice or Cauldron appears in many legends. From the Christian perspective it is the cup that was used by Jesus at the Last Supper and brought to France and eventually England by Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea. In some legends, that cup was held by mystics in safety at the Chalice Well.

Once you are called, the quest begins! We tasted the waters of the red spring and the white spring then climbed the Tor, a sacred hill known to activate all seven chakra centers. It was here that we began to recall legends of the Grail, which include stories of cauldrons of rebirth, chalices and many Goddesses. We meditated together as the sun set across a series of hills known as the dragon's back. The second day we visited the Chalice Well gardens, sipped from the red spring and felt the silent and loving touch of invisible hands that lovingly heal all those who enter those sacred grounds. On the last day we integrated in the gardens of Glastonbury Abbey.

Listening to the many faced Goddess is critical for our health and well being, for without her we may become depressed, lost or confused. She embodies the very qualities we need to grow in conscious awareness, to blossom into full health, love one another and in order to flourish.

​Each person shared something of their unique light activation and everyone touched my heart in their own way. There are many more stories to read, and more meditations to explore. We are setting up a 2016 tour for those who wishes to travel with us and experience the divine light next year. It is limited to sixteen people. Send an email to for more information.

May the loving light lead, guide, direct and protect you now and forever.

Many blessings,


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