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Ayn`s Newsletter - Tools for Welcoming in the New Earth

Tools for Welcoming in the New Earth It is time to Welcome in the New Earth. We have listened to what is wrong and witnessed one crisis after another for long enough. Let's be proactive and use our tools and practices to make a positive shift!         On Nov 1 at 5pm Eastern time (8pm Pacific time) I will we telling the story of an ancient goddess who knows how to endure, then sharing a visualization to help us find our own personal destiny piece. Once we hold this treasure to our hearts Mirabai Devi will offer a light transmission to help all of us thrive, each in our own unique way.         Are you ready to dream in the Golden Age of peace, prosperity, love and consciousness? Follow this link to register for the teleconference: OR Read More

Live Teleconference Nov 1, 2016  It's easy to make a positive difference. Follow this link to register for our uplifting and empowering teleconference "Tools for Welcoming in the New Earth." 5pm eastern/8pm pacific time: OR

Sample Article Headline We are thrilled that A Story of Becoming was named by Reader's Favorite the Gold Winner of Children's Fable. We will be attending the awards ceremony in Miami later this month. To learn more visit Read More

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