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Ayn's Newsletter - Dreaming The Impossible Dream

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Dreaming The Impossible Dream by AynCates on May 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hi What if we decided to focus on six impossible dreams? We might select six things that we would love for ourselves or perhaps for others. Do you believe there might be a co-creative power in this? It may be that if we stay focused on our aim these dreams may find our way into our lives as manifest realities. Many early cultures knew to arise reach day and fill all of life with love. How would our world be different if each day upon waking we paused and told mother earth how much we value her, if we hummed with the birds and we thanked every living part of creation? In early cultures the feminine was found not only in nature and the moon, there were also solar goddesses.  If you look carefully at the fresco painting in the Sistine Chapel of Michaelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”, you will see that God’s arm is draped over Sophia, the goddess of wisdom. The feminine is always with us, although she is often unseen. Often before laying down to sleep I call upon one of a number of archetypes to be with me as I travel into dreamtime. Most recently I have been calling upon the divine feminine, for there are many faces of the feminine that I am still opening to. Currently I have been curious about the qualities of compassion and kindness. These qualities seem to be the portal for a great deal of healing, especially in family dynamics. Last night a dream came to visit me in which Mother Mary appeared. She wore a long white robe with blue trim. Her face was beautifully luminous. She took me with her as she quietly visited each of my relatives. It did not seem to matter if they were alive or had crossed beyond the veil of this world. Each member had a reaction that perfectly suited their character; some were too busy with their daily lives to pause for the great Light that stood beside them or were puzzled by her. Others opened their hearts and wept openly experiencing her great compassion. One grandmother touched Mary as though she was a candle and I could see the flame of her own heart glowing brightly. In the end Mary turned to me and touched my belly. I could feel the warmth of her healing light flowing into me. I had never fully realized what a magnificent healer she is, or how available she is to us always. I awakened with pulses of luminous yellow light still pulsing through my form. My latest book, Three Days In The Light: Blessing for Our Lives, arrived on my doorstep on Easter weekend. I had to simply smile about the timing, because the book seemed to be continually delayed. Books like children are born when they are meant to. This book contains a strong mystical experience I had with the Infinite Light that lasted for three days. I am reminded of the importance of the number three in spiritual initiations. When we have these types of experiences it is simply grace. I wrote about it because so much love flowed from the experience that all I could do for a while was write blessings. Here is one of the blessings: MY CLOSEST FRIEND All That Is Please Hold Me In Your Presence And Open Up My Guidance So That I May Walk With You And Speak With You Please Be My Closest Friend Open My Consciousness So That I Am Flooded In The Starlight With Your Perception May Our Eyes Be As One Eye And The Steady Pulse In My Brow Be A Reminder That You Are Always With Me Amen      Illa Ramirez received the book yesterday and wrote: “Your book is truly amazing! What a wonderful gift I can use every day!!!”      Three Days In The Light is available on Amazon or directly from me or the Often people wish for personal light blessings. If you want your own personalized copy please write me:

Love, light and blessings!!! Ayn

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