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Great Review by Emilee Summers on

Great Review by Emilee Summers on by AynCates on November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sparkle & The Gift” by Ayn Cates Sullivan is a story about a girl named Sarah who pretends she is a HUE-man named Sparkle and that she is made of light. Her mother Alice asked Sarah to come outside and show her what she means by this. As they are walking, Sarah explains that we are all made up of light and that the light is everyone’s friend but that people sometimes forget that. So she tells her mother she has an idea to help people remember to keep light close to them and include it in their lives. The mother and daughter continue walking as the mother asked the little girl if she would like to hear a story. The book then leads to the second story “The Gift.” Alice, the mother, tells Sarah about a fairy named Kachina who lives with a tribe of nature fairies that tend to the forest. Kachina enjoyed flying with the hummingbirds and watching the older fairies work their magic but something was troubling her. The next day on one of her trips into the forest she meets up with her bird friend called Scrub. Scrub then follows Kachina as she discovers a manmade garden where she decides to help grow a beautiful flower only to be picked by Joseph, the owner of the garden. Kachina then discovers the true meaning of beauty as she understands why Joseph picked the flower and the reason for sharing it with a special person. I loved the beautiful illustrations and the two stories lead into each other well. I would recommend “Sparkle & The Gift” by Ayn Cates Sullivan to kids who like art and magical stories about people caring about nature.

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