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How to Awaken a Man’s Heart: Keys to the Divine Masculine

How to Awaken a Man’s Heart: Keys to the Divine Masculine by AynCates on May 23, 2013 in Embodiment

by Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D. Men and women do not have to go in search of love. Our task is to clear our lives and lineages so that we can sense the love that is already within us and become intimate with the living world that is closer to our hearts than we often remember. A man who has realized his divinity is authentic. In a way we can say he is the most ordinary of all men and in being so, he is superb. An awakened man is content with who he is and does not judge others. He is curious about life and his inner peace pervades the space around him. He is spontaneous and yet aligned with the living intelligence of the cosmos and so appears wise, even brilliant. He embodies the divine masculine. Male embodiments of divinity such as Jesus, Buddha or Krishna, were irresistibly charismatic for they embodied higher consciousness, which includes the attributes of both the feminine and masculine principles. People flock to men who have an awakened heart for the love that they emanate nurtures us and simply being in their presence is healing. The dust of the world is brushed off in the presence of the divine for in the light of realized personages we are renewed and may have the grace to glimpse what it is to be truly human. Men who embody this openness, like Howard Wills, who speaks about the power of forgiveness and prayers are great examples of the divine masculine. Men who have been touched by the light of awareness tend to have open hearts and be incredibly loving and sensual. They are the most amazing of all lovers, partners and husbands because they can freely give and receive love. They tend to attract partners with qualities and capacities that balance and enhance them. This forms a dynamic duo. One of our deepest longings is to be intimate with a special other and we find that partnerships and marriages that are based on awakening together are incredibly rich and fulfilling. Men who possess divine attributes make wonderful fathers, for they understand the meaning and importance of teaching their children and leaving a spiritual lineage behind them. Mark Whitwell has a great talk about men who use yoga to have direct intimacy with reality itself. The divine masculine in some cases transcends the earthly life in order to embrace a celestial existence while on earth. St Francis did not look for love from another but shared an outpouring of love from within himself to all of creation. Once the heart awakens we want to fill all living things with our love: the grasses and flowers, the skies and oceans, and all of humanity. A realized man knows that everything we see is us, for everything is part of God. There is great humility and compassion in a man who has awakened to divinity. He tends to be willing and able to listen deeply to others as they also awaken from their stories of pain and suffering.

Men are often taught that they have to shut down their feelings and operate from brute strength or the sharpness of the rational mind in order to succeed and lead. Yet who can relate to such a person? The moment we move into reactivity we call pain and suffering to ourselves and others. We need to learn how to be present with conflicting emotions and events while remaining neutral. The awakened man knows to be curious and open so that he can lead, guide, direct and protect from an authentic place. He also knows how to pardon others, for most people are simply unaware, and in forgiving he sets himself free. My husband and partner, John Patrick, an ex-NFL football player turned yogi writes about the shifts from culturally programmed masculinity to open heartedness on his blog. We are feeling beings and a man with an open heart knows how to live and thrive, how to love his family and how to share his unfolding brilliance with the world. He is not moving from ambition and has nothing to accomplish, yet everything is accomplished for he is moved by a deep intelligence that understands the unfoldment of all things. We are irresistibly drawn to a man with an awakened heart and want to follow him. It is time for men and women to wake up out of the old paradigms and programs that no longer serve them. The age of destruction and domination is behind us, and an era in which we have the opportunity to awaken to the unfolding truth of who we are is upon us. “I love you” is perhaps the most powerful statement we can share with another human being. We can also add: “And thank you for loving me!” for that creates an intimacy between friends that is empowering and good.

The qualities of the divine masculine such as intelligence, brilliance, power and strength can be revealed as our true nature. Being around individuals who have realized these essential aspects of our true self helps us advance and we know these people because they empower us and our lives improve dramatically. Eventually a time arises when we need to stop looking outside of ourselves for our answers and to begin to recognize that what we have longed and searched for all of our lives is already within us. Posted from

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