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Invocation for World Peace

Invocation for World Peace by AynCates on December 18, 2013 in Spiritual Inspiration

During this time of increased light on the planet we need practices that protect us and anchor us in loving awareness. When used correctly, prayer and ritual can melt our suffering, increase consciousness and invite in bliss. The Archangels wish to guard and protect us.They will answer our requests when we choose to call upon them. They understand the laws of life and are in constant service. We can choose to work with them and become lights upon this world. You can close your eyes and call out to them at any time. We will invoke Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel to look over us always and help us stay aligned with the forces of goodness.Follow this ritual for personal insight, as well as for protection for yourself, your family, community and all sentient beings. The ancient Hebrew prayer reads: “To my right Michael, to my left Gabriel, in front of me Uriel and behind me Raphael, and over my head God’s Shekhinah…”

MICHAEL Archangel Michael’s task is to protect and preserve our physical bodies and the spiritual destiny of each and every soul. He loves us with an intensity that is almost beyond belief. Open your heart and take a few deep breaths. Imagine a radiant golden light around you. When you feel ready call upon Michael to stand on your right side.You may say this prayer silently or aloud if it feels true to your heart. The angels always hear your sincere call.

“I call upon Archangel Michael to stand at my right side. Please give me the courage and wisdom I need to fulfill my life purpose and mission. Use your sword of truth to end fear and doubt So I may stand firmly in the Light. Please surround me with your protection And may I always work on the side of what is good and true. Please oversee and guard our earth. I love you. Thank you.”


Gabriel is the Archangel of resurrection and good news. He appeared to Mother Mary and reminded her of her earthly mission. Archangel Gabriel sustains us at our request by helping to raise our vibratory rate so our cells are more aligned with the Divine Light. Imagine a luminous violet light surrounding you and transforming any negative thoughts, feelings or past situations into loving awareness. Invoke Gabriel to stand at your left side:

“I now call upon Archangel Gabriel to stand beside me. Please transform any negativity within or around me into positive energy and love. I call upon you to bring me clear vision so that I may always live in the divine light. Please hold me in your flame of resurrection and purify me on all levels. Archangel Gabriel please help me overcome my lower tendencies And raise my frequency so that I may offer the best of myself to the world. Please blow your trumpet gently so that the Divine Light may be awakened on earth And may all of humanity prosper. I love you. Thank you.”


Archangel Uriel encourages us to be steadfast, faithfuland true. Some mystics report that he has a left eye that heals and a right eye that destroys what is not true. His love can melt negativity so that we may stay anchored in peace. Imagine Uriel as a radiating vehicle of Light. Call upon him when there is a crisis or whenhumanity needs assistance, for he brings his legions of peace. He also has the ability to heal the planet and all the sentient beings that live on earth. Ask Archangel Uriel to stand before you so that you may stay on a path of Light.

“I now invoke Archangel Uriel to stand before me So that I may face any challenges that come my way With a peaceful heart and mind. Please purify me so that I might also be a Light upon this world. Help me release all suffering so that I may always be faithful and true. I ask that the air, oceans, rivers, streams, soil and creatures be purified and blessed. I call upon your legions of angels to create peace in the world now and always. I love you. Thank you.”

RAPHAEL The name Raphael means “God cures.” Archangel Raphael’s task is to heal the earth and all the people upon the planet. Angels are usually depicted as masculine yet in truth they are without gender. Raphael’s gentle countenance may seem feminine and he/she supports the union of masculine and feminine qualities within ourselves. She reminds us to turn our face back toward the divine, which is around all of us. Imagine yourself wrapped in a nurturing orange light as though being held by a great and loving mother and ask Raphael to stand behind you.

“I call upon Archangel Raphael to stand behind me And fill me with curative divine light. May my body and soul be completely restored in this moment to perfect health. Please renew every aspect of my body, mind and soul. Empty me of ignorance and fill me instead with divine intelligence And may I always act in accordance with the laws of life. Help me forgive,release and heal the wounds of the past So that I may move forward freely and without burden. Please heal and restore every aspect of my being And may the collective heart of humanity Be graced with your loving kindness. I love you, thank you for loving me.”

THE SHEKHINAH/ THE FEMININE FACE OF GOD The word Shekhinah is derived from a Hebrew verb that means to settle. When we call upon the Shekhinah we are requesting that we dwell in Divine Presence. Mayan priest Dom Cecilio said that the divine feminine has not been allowed to fully exist on earth for the past 5,125 years. On December 21, 2012 that changed. We held an all night vigil to welcome back the feminine face of God. Storms and earth changes are increasing and we need to respond. We are meant to be stewards of the earth. It is time to evoke the Divine Presence to shift our patterns so that we live in alignment with the laws of life. Ayn Cates Sullivan and Lucinda Kinch will be bringing a wisdom deck to the world in 2014 that focuses on the redemption of the divine feminine and the restoration of unity within ourselves and all sentient beings.

We call upon the Shekhinah, the feminine face of God, Because we wish to know her more fully. The world has missed you and storms have been raging in your absence. Please forgive us. We ask that the divine feminine return to earth So that we may enter a new era in which we all live and thrive. We love you. Thank you for loving us.

Revised by Ayn Cates Sulivan, Ph.D. December 2013

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