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Ayn’s Newsletter - Love

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Love – Ayn Cates Sullivan’s spring newsletter 2020 by AynCates on April 12, 2020 in Uncategorized

Love I want to remind you of what you already know. You are loved. When you are frightened it is good to breathe and give yourself a hug. Right now, I want you to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Forget everything that is happening in the world for an instant. Just focus on the in-breath. Pause for 30 seconds, and then breathe out. Repeat the process three times, and feel how the simple act of breathing in and breathing out reminds you that you are alive. Right now in this moment, every thing is fine. You are reading a newsletter, and you are breathing. Now turn your focus to your feet and notice they are still there. Notice your body is still here. You can breathe and you have a body. Give yourself a hug. You are amazing! And you are living an an amazing time with many incredible opportunities. Wow. We are all in a deep metamorphosis together, and who knows what it will be like when we all come out, but I suspect it will be beautiful.

COLOR AWARENESS I trained in color therapy, and color awareness has been a very important part of my spiritual awakening. Right now it is spring and if you can go outside, it is so lovely to see the many colors of the springtime flowers. Color acts as doorways into our True Nature. I invite you today to open to the color that calls to you today. Pink is the color of unconditional love, and you can begin there. If you want to explore more, click the link below (Read More: Color Awareness) and you will find a whole rainbow to play with. Color Awareness is a gentle way – perhaps a feminine way – to begin to engage the spiritual path. While men dive into the emptiness, women often play in the rainbow radiance. It takes time to discover who you truly are, but gradually the petals of the self reveal a most stunning design that is uniquely you. As the full flower of consciousness opens, gender identification falls away, the male/female energies merge and we discover we are One Love, One Peace, One Joy….

It is important right now that we help as many people as possible move beyond fear and step into love. We are in a Great Awakening as one global family.

I have offered intuitive color readings since 1991. If you need an Awareness reading you can contact me via email: I usually charge $200 for a 90 minute Awareness reading. I am currently giving intuitive readings for donation only, and free if the need is great. Discover more about your colors by following the link below and clicking on any color box. There is a whole world of color play at your fingertips that awaits you.

Embracing What Is with Love Know wherever you are on the planet that you are loved beyond belief. My heart goes out to those who are sick, and to those who are dying right now, to people who have lost loved ones, and to those who are feeling alone and isolated. Please know, you are never alone. The whole universe loves you and is listening…

These are challenging times and when we are faced with difficulties, then we also have opportunities. It is time for us to realize that we are one global family. Are we vulnerable? When we are identified with being a human body, then yes, we are mortal and quite vulnerable. From the place of the persona we do need to have enough water and food, we need good air, we need good supplements, and to be able to exercise. We also need to be able to connect with one another. It is wise and intelligent to take care of our human needs to the best of our ability. Also, remember this…. we never die… Our spiritual connection matters. Wherever you are in your conscious evolution, it is time to take your practices even deeper. In a way, we have all been told by True Nature to sit inside and take our meditation practices seriously. We can’t keep carrying around old stories, pain bodies and ignorance. We have to bust out of our belief systems, and get to what is real and true. My husband – John Patrick Sullivan – and I responded to the emergency, by going inside and returning to our breath. For several weeks now we have engaged silent meditation often for six hours a day. For us it is a real luxury to be able to have quiet time to dive into the melody of silence. I am not sure I have ever felt the depth of this much emptiness, vastness and delicious spaciousness. What surprises me when I come out of meditation, is that people are still upset. It grabs my attention too, and my mind grasps for answers. Meanwhile, there is a lot of disinformation, misinformation and conflicting information being shared. When there is a lot of confusion going on, it is best to enter the silence. From the place of the quiet mind, clarity emerges like a diamond. Then we can sit in inquiry together, and sense into what is real and needs our attention, and what is illusion. Self-Inquiry is known as the most steady and tested path to Self-Realization. If you want to find out more about Self-Inquiry or work with either myself or John Patrick, you can email me ( or JP on and we will inquire with you. We are currently working on a donation basis due to the economic and health crisis. You can also find out more by listening to our recent podcast: Ego to Self-Realization by following the link below:

Freedom Though Meditation & Visualization We are already free, if we can drop the labels and stories that bind us. The most tried and true way is meditation, and it is completely free. There are many ways to meditate. The easiest way is simply to follow the breath. If your mind is anxious, you can add a visualization. Try this:


· Imagine that there is a star two finger widths

· below your belly and two finger widths inside.

· It is your incarnation star,

· the part of you that moves from lifetime to lifetime

· without changing.

· Imagine a golden thread extending from your inner star and

· connecting to the core of the earth.

· As you breath in, imagine nurturing qualities of the

· inner core of the earth

· pouring life force into your body, feeding

· the flame of your inner star.

· Breathe out, feeling warmth moving up your spine

· as your kundalini or life force gently moves up

· your body, out the top of your head.

· Pause,

· connecting with the cosmic rays

· of the sun, moon and stars,

· then breathe the cosmic rays

· back into your inner star.

· Continue breathing in and out this way,

· until you feel stable,

· centered and located in this time and space. If you love Cosmic Angelic connections, you might love listening to this Wisdom of the Ages podcast: “Super Angel” with guest Joanna Garvin Garzilli. Click below to hear the podcast: Listen: Wisdom of the Ages “Super Angel” podcast

Freedom We are part of all there is and will be forever. What is lovely about meditation is that when we breathe with awareness, we realize we can never be alone for we are always breathing in and out with the universe. We are loved and cared for by an Infinite Wisdom always. When we realize our eternal nature, fear does not hold us so firmly. In truth, there is no death, only a shifting in and out of forms. The spiritual paradox is that while we are eternal beings, the body does matter. We were given our precious bodies – like so many pearls – so that we can experience this time, space and dimension. We eternal spiritual beings having this earthly experience for a while. The trouble we run into is when we take form too seriously. When we identify with the body-mind, then we can get trapped in the pain body, and then we suffer. When we feel fearful, contracted and helpless we can believe that life is suffering. The Buddha is quoted saying: “Life is suffering – for the unenlightened.” We are being invited into a collective enlightenment. On the simplest level, when we recognize the light of our inner star we have made our first step toward full enlightenment. The fear, loneliness, powerlessness and darkness that we might have identified with begins to fall away like autumn leaves in the wind. As the light comes on inside, the labels and stories we have told ourselves no longer fit. At that point we begin to blossom into our True Nature.

We are not the past, and the future has not arrived. We reside in the present moment, which paradoxically has the potential of the universe inside of it. We are already FREE!

If you love this message, and want to hear more. Please listen to my most recent podcast with Dr Gabriel Cousens called “Holistic Liberation.” Link to podcast: Holistic Liberation

Wisdom of the Ages Podcast Spirit can make requests that seem unreasonable, and yet I do my best to respond. I am happy to share that I listened and in autumn of 2019, started a podcast called Wisdom of the Ages.

Wisdom of the Ages has been an enormous success. Just this month my podcast received over 157,000 downloads with listeners in over 90 countries around the world. Clearly, there is now an interest in consciousness and spirituality! This is the first newsletter I have sent out in quite a while. In the autumn of 2019, I felt the instant urge from spirit to begin recording and was very busy learning a new way of sharing sacred storytelling. At first the guidance seemed rather unreasonable. I kept asking in meditation what the urgency was, and now it is making sense. These shows needed to be live and ready to listen to! It all stated last summer when Tonya Dawn Recla, president of the SuperPower Up network, invited me to become one of the hosts. I gave 64 interviews last year on a variety of radio, television shows and podcasts about my best-selling Legends of the Grail series. I felt the sacred stories were important, feeling that the voice of the feminine needed to be honored once again. Our culture has been focused on domination over nature way too long, and now we have the opportunity to shift into a more balanced way of being. Because I did so much public speaking last year, becoming host of my own show made sense. However, I wasn’t certain. I told Tonya there was no way I could make the shift into the age of technology. I have been someone who loved crawling in and out of ancient cairns and clambering around stone circles. I think of myself as a Bard and guardian of many Wisdom Traditions. However, spirit had something else in mind. I have been involved in the consciousness movement for 35 years and have worked with spiritual teachers from all over the globe. Eventually I acknowledged that I could bring a lot of these people together and share a great deal of spiritual wisdom. Tonya was thrilled that I decided to step up and join the SuperPowerUp team. After a few mind-melds, the Wisdom of the Ages podcast birthed itself.

I have recorded thirty podcasts with uplifting spiritual teachers, empowerment leaders and yogis. It has been important that all voices are heard so that we can find wisdom in diversity. For that reason you will find people from many different traditions sharing about what they love the most. I love the uniqueness of each voice, and also the unifying consciousness behind all of the shows. Podcasts are a way of making friends all over the planet.

It truly is time for us to end the polarity that has troubled humanity for too long, and step into unity consciousness. Yes, we are all unique, but we share the same globe and ultimately we are One. Follow the link below to see the shows currently airing.

May you find freedom during this time, wisdom, and understanding. May you remember that you are love, and share that love with others. May you remember that you are peace, and share that inner stillness with those who need a refuge in the storm. May you remember that you are joy, and that fear is only a passing emotion. You are love, you are peace, you are joy, and you are already free.

Much love & many wellness blessings, Ayn

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