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Mirabai Devi & The Restoration of the Feminine

Mirabai Devi & The Restoration of the Feminine by AynCates on February 2, 2013 in Spiritual Inspiration

By Ayn Cates Sullivan This is an era of increased light. The Mayans are recognizing that this is also the time of the restoration of the feminine, yet we are the ones who are bringing it to the next level and actually living each step of this new activation. Mirabai Devi suggests that we are the ones who need to bring this message out to the whole world and create a new renaissance by teaching others how to live wholesome and balanced lives. We restore the feminine by being a role model of this new energy. The most powerful way to teach is through the example of how we live our lives, for our life is the testimony. By living and being these qualities we help others wake up and activate. The restoration of the Divine Feminine is essential because the earth is in a critical state. It has come out of great imbalance and darkness because of the domination and suppression of nature, the indigenous people and the feminine. A Mayan elder shared with us that the feminine energies have not been allowed to exist fully on planet earth in 5,125 years. Yet on December 22, 2012 that changed and we began an entirely new cycle. Mirabai Devi was with the Mayans in ceremony in the Yuketan staring into the sun and witnessed the dawn of the new age. Part of this new era is dreaming in a new story of wholeness, for we can be so bold as to say that half of our human story has been missing, for the Divine Feminine has been relegated to the shadows.

The cycle that we have been in has been a terrible time in which the masculine imbalance has brought destruction onto the earth. You don’t see women causing starvation, destroying nature, or starting wars. Yet our western society has attempted to turn women into men. Women have had to become like men in order to enter the corporate world, the military and other places in the work force where they have had to become tough in order to survive. We have often had to give up our values as mothers and trade our life affirming qualities for aggressive and competitive traits. As the tides shift now, women must be encouraged to be seen as powerful for being women and not for being men. We can begin this today by choosing to embody the Divine Feminine and embrace the noble roles of mother, lover, friend and wise woman.

The suppression of women and the abandonment of our feminine qualities has contributed to problems within our family structures. There have been generations of children who have been neglected by their fathers, mothers and the community because the workplace was considered more important than home. This is not to condemn women or men for their choices, which have largely been based on survival, for this has been a dark time we have lived through. Technology is now enticing children away from the forests, streams and oceans, where natural harmony and balance can easily be found. It is time to return to nature and be sensitive to her and fill all of her creations with our love. We need to become conscious of our shadow traits and shift these patterns. Anyone who denies or suppresses their own needs and becomes cut off from their feelings becomes ill. Part of the natural healing nature of the Divine Feminine is to compassionately listen to our bodies and supply the fresh air, exercise and healthy food that we need to sustain optimal health. Denying and suppressing our own needs puts us at risk of developing diseases. We can suppress symptoms and cut tumors out, but we also must address the issues of the soul. Illness is a symptom of something deeper and the disease is a reminder to move back into balance. Healing comes by clearing up our errors, choosing life again and fully living our own lives in our own way. Creativity is our solution, for at our best we are master co-creators. We can choose to give when our cup is overflowing. The first step is to dissolve our hurts and pain with prayers of forgiveness, to come to peace with our old programs and conditions of our family and lineage. Let’s be patient with ourselves for we are like butterflies coming out of the darkness and into the light. Doing the inner work is an ongoing practice. Some people just want to step right into the light, but if you don’t do the work you are a raw wound in reaction to everything. As we heal we become a big container, a chalice that can embrace everyone else.

We need to shift our focus towards this new light if we wish to heal and see humanity and the planet restored. Mirabai Devi has a list of useful self-help techniques that we can refer to that can that teach us the path of self-empowerment. These are available on her website on the Teachings page.

Please see the Mantra sheets, Howard Wills’ forgiveness prayers, recommended breath work technique and guided visualizations, which can be found on the Store page. There is also series of weekly teleconferences that you can join for ongoing support including a monthly talk once a month about the Divine Feminine. We begin the work by releasing victimization and taking one hundred percent responsibility for our lives. As we become free we begin to co-create with life naturally and spontaneously, bringing the grace of the Divine Feminine into every aspect of our lives. Mirabai Devi suggests that we can begin with this simple yet powerful meditation, which can be heard on her forgiveness meditation CD. Here is an abbreviated version of it: Mirabai’s Return to Peace Meditation This is a forgiveness meditation in which we actively engage in returning to peace: Find a comfortable place where you can sit easily for some time. Close your eyes and in your imagination see a theatrical stage in front of you. You can choose to work with one person and it is also powerful to include all of the people you have known in your life on the stage, especially your family members. These can be people that you have loved deeply as well as people that you feel you have hurt or have hurt you. It is important to realize that in this meditation no harm can come to you or anyone else in your life. Once everyone is on the stage we see each character unzip their suits (rather like the aliens in the movie Cocoon). As these garments drop to the floor you see that each one is really a light being. Send each person a ray of light from your heart and realize that you gave them the script for your play. You might see everyone laughing now as we realize that the entire drama was simply a play. As you stand there looking at all of these light beings who have supported you so much in your growth and evolution, you may also realize that each one was simply a different aspect of yourself mirroring back what needed to be learned. Thank each one for the lessons that they gave you, for in truth each person’s curriculum is perfect. In this moment claim full responsibility for your life and take back one hundred percent of your power. Take a moment and sense the restoration of your soul and what it is like to live in peace and freedom. Please feel free to share this meditation with all of your friends and loved ones. May we all walk together into this new time of greater light with gratitude, peaceful hearts and increased awareness. To learn more about Mirabai Devi visit:

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