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On Miracles

On Miracles by AynCates on January 25, 2013 in Spiritual Inspiration

What is a miracle? It is simply an event that cannot easily be explained by the rational mind, and the word is often used in conjunction with a healing of some kind and involves the grace of divine intervention. It is something that is statistically unlikely, is beneficial and offers us hope. It may also be that miracles are more common than we realize. If we think about it every breath, every birth and sunrise is colored by the miraculous. I suppose we all have the ability to channel the light and effect good changes in the world around us, yet some have opened up to this gift more than others. What a joy to know that there are people living on planet earth with us who live in alignment with all of life and help others do the same. It is an honorable thing to wish for the good of humankind, and noble to give up our stories of woe and choose instead to be a blessing to the world. There are special ones who walk amongst us who surrender and live completely in alignment with the Infinite Light. These people are known as miracle workers. They do not heal people, for only the Light has that power, but astonishing things do tend to happen in their presence. Miracles often come to willing recipients who seek a healing, and there is always an element of grace. If you are lucky enough to encounter the divine light simply open up your arms and say, “Yes!” Healing requires a transformation into a positive way of living and being. A young man came to stay with my husband and I who had been having challenges in his life including an addiction to drugs. I will call him ST. My husband and I spent a great deal of time with him, but he seemed very negative and unhappy making little progress. I asked Howard Wills if he could help. ST spoke with Howard on the telephone and I watched as the young man sank to his knees, and then crumpled to the floor. When ST sat back up he seemed dazed, a smile came to his lips and he stood up a new man. He cleaned up his act, applied to college, was accepted and is now living a life he only dreamt of before. How did that happen? A person who lives in alignment with the light restored his blueprint by cleansing him with prayer and then reconnecting him with Source. Turning our face back to God is in some cases is like turning a large ship around in an ocean. It may take a while to shift, depending on how far off course we have traveled. Some people will have an experience with the light and will be realigned in an instant, others will find they need time to absorb and integrate. In certain cases healing may require dropping the physical body and merging back with the Infinite Light. The important point here is that we are loved beyond belief, and we can relax into that truth. Healing takes many forms.

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